First priority for the vegetables we grow is always given to our Farm Share members. Community Supported Agriculture allows a rewarding relationship between the growers and consumers of food. Community members financially invest in our farm and we grow food that is Certified Naturally Grown, clean, fair, transparent, nutritious, and delicious. We plan for a diverse mix of vegetables to provide each Farm Share member with a bountiful selection of produce, May – November.
You get to CUSTOMIZE your Farm Share!
Our Farm Share sign up is open for our 2023 season!

Learn more on our Farm Share page week_5_sm

Other ways to purchase our vegetables (and bread) include…

Self Serve Farm Stand :
December – April: Open every day that harvest allows, 9a-dusk, but availability changes frequently…see our Instagram feed for regular updates about what we have available in our stand! During these months we bake bread for the FarmStand only on Saturdays.
May-November: Open every day, 9a-7p or dusk (whichever is earlier). See our Instagram feed for regular updates about what we have available in our stand. During these months we bake bread for the FarmStand on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

St. Stephen’s Farmers’ Market, Saturdays, open year-round (Grove Avenue, Richmond, 8a-12p warmer season, 9a-12p cooler season).
– Pre-Order through our digital FarmStand:
When harvest allows, Find our digital FarmStand here. Place a one-time order for your choice of what we have available to harvest (can include bread if you wish). Currently, this digital FarmStand opens on Monday mornings (for pick up on the following Wednesday afternoon) and Thursday mornings (for pick up on the following Saturday morning.)

See also our Where to Buy our produce page, including directions and details for our on-site farmstand. We look forward to serving you!


Owned and operated by Janet Aardema and Dan Gagnon, Broadfork is a small family farm in Chesterfield, VA providing the metro-Richmond area with Certified

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Naturally Grown vegetables and herbs. We use traditional European methods of biointensive, raised bed production while maximizing soil and plant health for nutrition and sustainability. No synthetic/chemical fertilizer, pesticide, herbicide, or fungicide is ever used in any part of the process of growing your food. Everything we sell is grown by us, and we farm full-time, supporting ourselves and our four children through our farm business.
Growing practices at Broadfork utilize only ecological methods: compost, cover crops, organic fertilizer, and minerals are used to feed the soil that feeds our plants. Raised beds are used to prevent soil-compaction, allowing for happier plant roots. We use organic potting soil and fertilizer, as well as amendments like fish emulsion and sea minerals. No chemical fertilizers, herbicides, fungicides, or pesticides are ever used on your food and we are Certified Naturally Grown (which follows the same national standards used for Organic Certification). We are also proud members of the Virginia Association for Biological Farming , Real Local RVA, Slow Food RVA, the Common Grain Alliance, and RVA Makers.
We also have a farmstead Bakery at our farm where we mix naturally leavened (wild-yeasted) dough and bake it into old-world style bread (made with 100% Certified Organic ingredients) in our wood-fired oven. Learn more about Broadfork Bread here.
“The most valuable of all arts will be the art of deriving a comfortable subsistence from the smallest area of soil.” -Abraham Lincoln
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