Fall 2022:
Folk School workshops @ Broadfork Farm: Hands On Projects
Make what your heart desires!
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Nov 5 & 6, 2022

9:00am – 4:00pm

Work with food and fire to make a meal, or with leather, steel, wood, or wool to make a knife, pack basket, bow, arrows, boots, or moccasin-style shoes.

Prices vary.  Some links are live! Go ahead and sign up! Others will be live soon. 

Open Fire Cooking, taught by Rebecca Sauerdieck:

rebecca cooking and fire Nov 5 Broadfork

Sign up and pay on Rebecca’s website:

cooking and fire salad  cooking and fire chickens cooking and fire pie

Taught by Peter Yencken & Soupy Campbell:

Pack Basket making (Peter Yencken): Weave and shape your own pack basket, adding leather straps and handles. Make it taller or shorter, wider or more narrow, to fit your body, then carry your things hands-free. Two days, $220.   Register here to make a Pack Basket.
peter pack basket f peter pack basket b peter pack basket a peter pack basket g peter pack basket h peter pack basket    peter pack basket d  peter pack basket e

Wooden bow making (Peter Yencken): Make your own wooden bow, 2 day project, $220.  Register here to make a Wooden Bow.

IMG_20210524_071824_475       20210523_121450

Custom knife or hatchet blade and handle (Peter Yencken): This is advanced knife making. Knife blade made in a forge using stock removal method. Wooden handle attached with copper pins and carved to your liking. 2 days. $220  Register here to make a custom knife or hatchet blade and handle. 

20210425_102105 20210425_102118
peter knife by ted in process peter knife by ted with handle in process Peter knife by Ted peter hatchet optionspeter knife options

Felted Boots with removable rubber sole for indoor and outdoor use.

Bowdrill Kit with Soupy: Carve your own fire-by-friction kit to make fire like your ancestors did! Bowdrill involves spinning wood with a bow to create dust that ignites. Soupy will also provide coaching on how to use the kit. 1 day. $100  Register here for Bowdrill Kit.
(This project requires use of knife. Since the instructor’s eyes can’t be on all participants at all times, if the participant is a child who can’t use these tools safely unsupervised, an adult is needed to accompany them -free of charge- in working on their project! An adult helper for a child is welcome for any of Soupy’s crafts regardless of tools used.)
20210523_144832  soupy bowdrill instruction spark  20211230_170329  20211231_163556  20211231_163618

Peter intro

Peter samples

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