Folk School workshops @ Broadfork Farm: Hands On Projects
Make what your heart desires!
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June 3-4, 2023

9:00am – 5:00pm

Prices vary. Links are live! Go ahead and sign up!

Taught by Erin “Soupy” Campbell:

A one-day workshop with an emphasis on safely learning to saw, measure, drill, hammer, using hand tools and unleashing your creativity and experimentation. Your instructor, Soupy/Erin, will have lots of scrap wood that you can use to build whatever you’d like: a rustic furniture piece, a birdhouse, a stool, etc. Dream your project and Soupy will guide you!

Soupy Carpentry Coach tiny house

Soupy creative carpentry measuring

Soupy rustic furniture

Soupy table

soupy rustic furniture

soupy bench

  • $80-120 (sliding scale) for the one-day Saturday, June 3, 2023 workshop.
  • Adults and children are invited to participate. If an adult registers a child participant, the adult must accompany the child for the duration of the workshop and assist as needed. (The accompanying adult will not participate in the workshop unless you wish to register and pay for yourself as a participant.)
  • Registration here for Creative Carpentry

Pine needle baskets, jute bags, reed baskets, bone or antler craft, or bow-drill kit: Make a bag or basket to your liking. Make an antler hook or a bone knife or ring or pendant. Make your own bow-drill kit and Soupy will teach you how to use it to start a fire. Participants can expect to accomplish 1-2 of these projects in a day. Register for the project that is your primary interest. On the day of the workshop, if you finish your first project early, you may choose a second project from the materials available. (There tends to be a good amount of flexibility available once you’re here!)


soupy reed basket

Pine needle basket

Poplar basket Soupy's

soupy weaving

soupy weaving b

Soupy weaving craft

Soupy poplar bark basket

Soupy pine needle basket

Bone & Antler Craft:


Soupy bone antler craft ring scrimshaw

bone pendant soupy maya

Soupy antler craft

soupy hair pin

Bow Drill:

soupy child bow drill instruction

soupy bowdrill instruction spark

soupy bowdrill instruction spark into flame



  • $70-110 (sliding scale) for the one-day Sunday, June 4th, 2023 workshop
  • Adults and children are invited to participate. Any child under 13 or who can’t use tools safely without supervision must be accompanied by a non-paying adult helper who will assist as needed. (The accompanying adult is welcome to create their own project too, if they register and pay as a participant.)
  • Register for: Baskets or Bags
  • Register for: Bone & Antler Craft
  • Register for: Bow Drill Kit & Instruction
    (If the participant is a child, an adult helper is welcome at no additional charge for any of Soupy’s projects.)

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Taught by Peter Yencken:

Pack Basket making (Peter Yencken): Weave and shape your own pack basket, adding leather straps and handles. Make it taller or shorter, wider or more narrow, to fit your body, then carry your things hands-free. Two days, June 3-4, 2023. $220. Register here to make a Pack Basket.

peter pack basket f

peter pack basket b

peter pack basket a

peter pack basket g

peter pack basket h

peter pack basket

peter pack basket d

peter pack basket e

Wooden bow making (Peter Yencken): Make your own wooden bow, 2 day project, June 3-4, 2023. $220. Register here to make a Wooden Bow.



Wooden Knife Handle Carving, with Sheath (Peter Yencken): This is beginner knife making… you carve the wooden handle to fit your hand the way you prefer, and you stitch the leather sheath; Peter provides the blade. 1 day, $120. Date = Sunday, June 4, 2023. Register here to carve your own Wooden Knife Handle.

knife and sheath

Custom knife or hatchet blade and handle (Peter Yencken): This is advanced knife making. Knife blade made in a forge using stock removal method. Wooden handle attached with copper pins and carved to your liking. 2 days, June 3-4, 2023. $220 Register here to make a custom knife or hatchet blade and handle.



peter knife by ted in process

peter knife by ted with handle in process

Peter knife by Ted

peter hatchet options

peter knife options

Felted Boots for indoor and outdoor use (Peter Yencken): In this class you will make a pair of felt boots using wool and the wet felt method. Wet felting can be defined as the process of continually rubbing wool fibers together with mild soap and warm water to form a firm, felted object. (Felting is the consolidation of certain fibrous materials by the application of heat, moisture, and mechanical action, causing the interlocking, or matting, of fibers possessing felting properties.) You will also make rubber sole which can be taken off for indoor use. 2 days, June 3-4, 2023. $240 Register here to make Felted Boots.

Leather shoes of the Mocassin style with removable leather or rubber sole (Peter Yencken): Cut and stitch your own leather shoes, specific to your foot. Choose between removable leather sole ($230) and removable rubber sole ($220). 2 day project, June 3-4, 2023. Register here to make Leather Shoes.

Custom Leather Bag or Satchel (Peter Yencken): Create a tote bag, shoulder bag, or satchel of your liking, guided by Peter’s questions about what you want based on how you’ll use it. Participants will learn the skills of hand stitching, leather handle/strap making, and can include pocket building. 1 to 2 day project $220 (Participants under the age of 9 need to have an adult present to assist them.) June 3-4, 2023. Register here to make a custom leather bag/satchel with Peter.

peter sample leather satchel

peter sample leather satchel and bags

Paul Cipriani Tote bag 1

leather bag

Peter intro

Peter samples

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Fall 2023
Perennial Planting Workshop
Taught by Sylvie Aardema Gagnon

Learn how to properly plant and care for young trees and shrubs. $10
Stay tuned for Sylvie’s fall workshop date!

Sylvie plant

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