Broadfork Bread

Broadfork Bread – organic, naturally leavened, and hearth baked.

This old world style, artisan bread is hand-crafted in small batches using all organic grains.


Naturally leavened  means no instant yeast is added to the dough. Instead, a starter is used (made only from organic flour and water) that has attracted natural yeasts from the surroundings. The dough rises (ferments) for 24-36 hours before baking, making the grains more easily digestible and the flavor incredible.

Hearth baked means the bread is baked in an earthen, wood-fired oven.

We use only organic flours, grinding wheat berries for the whole-wheat portions. We use King Arthur Organic Artisan flour for the unbleached portions, in combination with organic whole rye flour. High quality flour makes high quality bread.


The result of this process is a deliciously flavorful bread with a crisp crust. It is fabulous plain, or goes perfectly with our vegetables and Pepper Jelly.

Available first by order for our Market Share CSA Members. If available, our bread is for sale in our Farm Stand and at the Farmers’ Market.



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