Broadfork Bread

Broadfork Bread – organic, naturally leavened, and hearth baked.

This old world style, artisan bread is hand-crafted in small batches using all organic grains.
Kyle bread 62.jpg
Naturally leavened  means no instant yeast is added to the dough. Instead, a starter is used (made only from organic flour and water) that has attracted natural yeasts from the surroundings. The dough rises (ferments) for 24-36 hours before baking, improving both the flavor and the digestibility of the bread.
Hearth baked means the bread is baked in an earthen, wood-fired oven.
We use only Certified Organic flours, grains, and mix-ins (such as Raisins & Seeds). We stone-grind the wheat berries and rye berries for the whole-grain flours. High quality flour makes high quality bread.

The result of this process is a deliciously flavorful bread with a crisp crust. It is fabulous plain, or goes perfectly with our vegetables and Pepper Jelly.
Our bread is available in our Farm Stand (on Thursdays during the colder months, December – April….on Wednesdays and Thursdays during the warmer months of May – November), at the Farmers’ Markets where we vend, and…

Via the Bread Share add-on option of our CSA:
Farm Share CSA members who pick up on Wednesdays or Saturdays may choose to also purchase a Bread Share and receive a weekly loaf (or loaves) of our Organic, Naturally Leavened, Hearth Baked Bread. Baked here at our farm on the morning of pick-up, you choose your Bread variety weekly from our seasonal offerings (Seed Loaf, Raisin & Cinnamon, Sunny Greens, Baguettes, Whole Wheat, Whole Rye, Tomato & Basil, Roasted Peppers & Onion, etc.) Sign up for a Bread Share through the same sign-up process as our Farm Share CSA.


One thought on “Broadfork Bread

  1. Love, really love your cinnamon/raisin, my son James Menefee lives in Richmond a brings me a loaf every time he comes to st. Michaels,MD. The best I have ever had.

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