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What is a CSA?

Community Supported Agriculture allows a rewarding relationship between the growers and consumers of food. Community members financially invest in our farm and we grow food that is Certified Naturally Grown, clean, fair, transparent, nutritious, and delicious. We plan for a diverse mix of vegetables to provide each CSA member with a bountiful weekly share of produce through a defined season. We, the farmers, thereby receive cash in advance of the season, when expenses are the greatest, and you, the consumer, get vegetables grown here in Chesterfield according to high Certified Naturally Grown standards of health, sustainability, and environmental stewardship.

Learn more about our CSA by watching our video:

                                                         Click here to Join our CSA!

How our CSA works:
Members pay an amount equal to $26 per week, receiving a weekly “Farm Share” of vegetables each week, May 2 through November 28. Our Farm Share provides members with the first priority of our vegetables, the most variety, and the best selection. For a total investment of $754, you get the best of what our farm offers each week of our main harvest season. To get a feel for what our Farm Shares are like, see photos here of 23 out of the 29 weekly Farm Shares in 2016.

No need to remember to place an order or get to the farmers market early! We have already set aside the best of the best for you.
(Members pay for 29 out of the 31 weeks of May – November. Two vacation weeks are built in.)

Payment Schedule:
$254 (plus delivery fee if applicable):
    Returning Members: due at sign up (preferred) or by January 15
    New Members: due at time of sign up to hold your place
$250 due by April 1, 2018
$250 due by August 1, 2018

Pick up locations are:
:: At our farm (Wednesdays, noon til 8pm)
:: Summer Lake neighborhood (Wednesdays, 2-5pm)
:: Hallsley neighborhood (Wednesdays, 2-7pm)
:: Bon Air: Perk! Coffee & Lunchbox in Bon Air (Wednesdays, 2:30-7 pm) *pick up site now full…no room for more sign ups*
:: Brandermill Green Market (Market Square parking lot, Saturdays, 9am-12pm)
:: St. Stephens Farmers Market (Saturdays, 8am-12pm)
**Off-farm pick up options incur a seasonal delivery fee of $45

 We aim for a mix of 7-9 different items in the share each week. Contents will vary according to the season and weather conditions.



2016-08-19 webThis is the traditional CSA method – providing members with a farmer-selected combination of goods provides you with the best of what is in season, often introduces you to new items, and adds a culinary surprise to your week as you get to work with different produce than you might normally choose on your own. Additionally, you get to enjoy a closer tie to the farm, seeing the crops change throughout the season, and having the chance to interact more closely with farm staff.
Click here to Join our CSA. 

Wondering more? Visit our Frequently Asked Questions.
Broadfork Farm Week 8 CSA share
Additionally,  members may choose to also purchase a Bread Share and receive a weekly loaf (or loaves) of our Organic, Naturally Leavened, Hearth Baked Bread. Baked here at our farm on the morning of pick-up, our Bread is old-world style, artisanal, crusty bread. You choose your Bread variety weekly from our seasonal offerings (Seed Loaf, Raisin & Cinnamon, Sunny Greens, Whole Wheat, Tomato & Basil, etc.) Learn more about our Bread here. Sign up for a Bread Share through the same sign-up process as our Farm Share CSA.

If you are ready to sign up, please click here to enroll.
** 2018 CSA Sign up is open ! **

Important things to know about us and our CSA:

We specialize in greens. (See photos above and see photos here of 23 out of the 29 weekly Farm Shares in 2016.) Accordingly, our aim is to provide our CSA members with salad and/or cooking greens every week of the season. This gets toughest in the driest, hot part of the summer, so there may be a few weeks without greens.

We only sell what we grow. Produce from another farm is never included in your share of vegetables or at our market booth. It’s as simple as that. (For complementary products from other producers that we love, please see our list below.)

We use only certified organic fertilizer, high quality, vegetable based compost, sea minerals, a cornucopia of nutrients, mycorrhizal fungi, and cover crops to build soil health. We use biological pest controls when needed (like Neem Oil, Castile Soap, Diatomaceous Earth, and other safe substances on the Organic Standards list). We buy Organic seed whenever available and never purchase GMO seed. Our produce is Certified Naturally Grown and we are proud to adhere to these important standards.

– We trust that being in business here since 2011 is long enough for you all to feel confident in an investment in our CSA program. If you are slightly new to us, please ask around to find out how other customers feel about us, and browse our farm blog to see what the harvest list looked like throughout the previous weeks/seasons.

– We host a guided farm tour each spring to allow you, as eaters of this food, to see how it is grown, see how the soil looks, check on the tomatoes’ progress, peek in the greenhouses, etc. Our farm is always open for you to visit. We hold a CSA Social in the fall for a chance to enjoy the farm together.

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