Sweet Virginia

We used to work on a farm in New Hampshire. This time of year was spent gearing up for Maple Syrup season. And digging out from underneath three or four feet of snow.  And harvesting blocks of ice from the pond up to 2 feet thick. Yikes.

So we moved to Virginia.

Today we moved the chickens’ fence so that they have fresh grass to eat and scratch in. This is really easy with the type of fence we have, and when there’s no snow, and when the ground isn’t frozen. So I moved easily in the sunshine, being thankful for the ability to simply stick the fence posts into a new piece of earth, surrounded by grass. The chickens followed on my heels, sqawking little noises of contentment.

We also cleaned out one chicken coop, as their nighttime poop builds up inside after some time. This job is also pretty easy when the poop isn’t frozen! Ahhh….sweet Virginia!

You are welcome to think me a bit strange for celebrating unfrozen chicken poop.  But the alternative, which my dear northern friends still suffer through, is a major springtime undertaking once everything thaws. This happens during mud season, of course, and is a very goopy affair.

So… here’s to farming in Virginia! Here’s to happy chickens in February! Fry yourself up an egg, grab your beverage of choice, and join me in a toast to mild winters!

Oh – need some eggs? We have them!

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