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Market Day: Cold but Happy

Our second market day of the season was blustery cold under a cloudy sky – and full of smiling people excited for fresh, local food and flowers.

Granted, at least one of them parted ways with us saying “I’m so sorry you have to stay standing here…I’m going home and lighting a fire!”

We eventually did make it back home. I cooked up some spicy chili with tomatoes canned last summer, (vegan) chorizo, and our micro-greens on top. It was seriously delicious.

Completely addicted to our own micro-greens, I also served them on top of pizza tonight:

We had a delightfully happy customer return to our booth this week for her “ration” of micro-greens (her word, not ours!). She doubled her ration for this week with a smile on her face. Here were the micro-greens before harvest:

And the salad mix:

We absolutely love providing people with fresh, nutrient packed greens. Thanks for your support.

As a twist on our usual things, this week we started pre-sprouting a little ginger. This is our experimental crop of the season. It will be ready for harvest in the fall as tender baby ginger. YUM.

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