Photos, and a Reminder

A reminder first: Farm Tour and Plant Sale next Saturday, April 28th.

Now Photos (all from this past week):


Back to the Reminder: Our farm will be open to the public from 3 – 7 pm. Guided tour at 4:00. Self-guided tours available during these hours.

Why would you want to drive out to the boonies of Chesterfield for our little event? What a great question! I will tell you:

First: Our (borrowed) mini-van can only carry so much to the market on Saturdays, so we leave plenty of transplants at home each market day. So if you’d like a greater selection of plants, or perhaps just more plants than we’ve had available when you’ve stopped by our booth at market, this event is for you. Plus, it’s not easy to find starts grown in organic potting soil around here – we are your source for that! Treat your garden right and grab some plants to plant.


Second: We’d love for you to see the place where we grow food for you! Plain and simple, we think it is a good thing to have a connection to the food you eat. We love growing clean, healthy food for people, and the next step in closing the loop is providing an opportunity for our customers to see how and where their food comes from. We want to be able to explain a bit about small-scale organic agriculture and why we think it’s so important. We want you to see what a diversified farm using ecological methods looks like. And we’d like to connect our community to our farm. We think that is part of a healthy, vibrant community. We have visions of a community barn-raising some day in the future (having just begun our second year in business, and starting with zero infrastructure, we don’t have a barn yet!) because we are old-fashioned like that. But this year, we will start with a Farm Tour.


Third: A lot of our growing principles can be applied in your backyard, organic garden. In fact, one optional stop on the tour will be Janet’s father’s garden next door, where he indeed applies many of our methods on a family-garden scale. Though he won’t admit it, for he has been tending plants for many more years than us, his garden has changed appearance greatly since we moved in next door, thanks to some tips he’s learned from us young folks. This is also your chance to pepper us with questions about growing vegetables. For example, why are these four lonely beds the only ones planted in this field? Or – Why is Dan carrying that chicken? How about – Did you catch the tomato plants in between the heads of lettuce, above? Why are the beds, below, curved? Answers to them all, here on Saturday.


Or, if you’re up for some entertainment, you may get to catch sight of our almost-three-year-old trying to ride a bike without training wheels. Sometimes it goes well:

Sometimes not.

Just like farming.

Our place is humble, and still has much unfolding ahead. But we look forward to revealing how some of the beauty arises out of the chaos of a farm. We hope you’ll join us.


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