“Unless you’re, like…a farmer”, and for markets 12/8




Recently I was out walking with friends in their city neighborhood. While walking, we ran into a neighbor my friends had not met before, and we got talking. As introductions were made, it was shared that I did not live there. I told him that I lived out in the county, not close by.

2012-12-03 16.20.56

Conversation eventually turned to a house that was for sale up the street. The stranger suggested perhaps I would be interested in moving to their neighborhood. I laughed, thinking of all that is built into our home situation.

2012-12-03 16.21.27

2012-12-03 16.27.25

Thanks for the offer, but “No”, I replied, I wasn’t interested in moving to their neighborhood. I was pretty settled where I was.

2012-12-03 16.28.41 2012-12-03 16.32.22

My friend piped up here, telling the neighbor “She has a farm.”

2012-12-03 16.33.40

2012-12-03 16.33.33



“Oh!” he replied. “Well, if you lived in the house down the street, all you would have to do is move the leaves from the yard to the street.”

2012-12-03 16.33.46 2012-12-03 16.36.13

I acknowledged that may be true, but if my family lived in that house, we parents would have to work office jobs to pay for the whole scene. Yard of leaves and all.

2012-12-06 13.06.44

The stranger-to-me responded, a bit confused: “Well of course you would. Unless you’re, like…a farmer.”

2012-12-06 13.10.50

This week’s harvest includes:

Beets ($4), Broccoli ($1 per stalk),  Broccoli Raab (also called Broccoli Rabe – $3), Hearty Mix ($3 bag), Bunched Greens (Kale, Chard, Collards, Hon Tsai Tai, or Tokyo Bekana – $4), Red or Green Head Lettuce ($2), Baby Leeks ($3), Napa Cabbage (small heads, super sweet and yummy – $2 each), Salad Mix ($3 bag), Scallions ($2), Spinach (limited amt – $4), Turnips (red, white, or the best purple tops you’ve ever tasted $3)…and our own Pepper Jelly (mild, medium, & hot – $5), Everyday Wheat and Multigrain Bread ($7).

If you wish to order for delivery to Market Square (Brandermill): Please email your order to BroadforkFarm@yahoo.com by 10:00 am on Friday, and pick up between 9 and 12:30 on Saturday at Good Health Herbs.

Recipes: ::Potato Leek Soup with Kale     :: Sauteed Napa Cabbage

This week we’re at the South of the James winter market (10-12) and the Urban Farmhouse Market at the Millworks (2-5).

Enjoy ~

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