Degree Swings; Orders & Mkt for 5/18

Tuesday morning it frosted here. May 14th! So we covered everything that we could. There was a lot of this:


And then later in the day it was 90. We’re trellising tomatoes.



That’s a 55 degree swing. Wow. Nothing was lost, we enjoyed the cool morning, and now we’re back to admiring the rainbow that comes out of the ground




Pardon the photo of cooking, but these radishes, roasted in butter and salt, are amazingly delicious and gorgeous. We used to feel just sort of ~eghh~ about radishes. Now we truly appreciate them, look forward to them, and relish them. Raw with salt and butter. Roasted, as shown.


Pickled with carrots. Fermented in Kim Chi. It is our goal to help you dear readers learn the array of ways to enjoy this seriously good eating this season. Tell us how you need more help. 

This week’s harvest includes:

Arugula, Chard, Collards, Chinese Cabbage (heads, like Napa), Dill, Head Lettuce (Red and Green), Toscano Kale (bunched), Red Russian Kale (bunched), Curly Kale (bunched), Mint, Mustard Greens, Pac Choi, Radishes (mixed bunch of cherry belles, French breakfast, and Easter Egg varieties), Salad Mix, Spinach …and Eggs and Multigrain Bread.

Recipe Suggestions: We are now posting a list of recipes each week on our Recipe Page of our website to coordinate with the week’s CSA Farm Share contents. Please check it out! We also have added more recipes to the “more info” section under items on our ordering page.

We will be at to the South of the James market  and Brandermill Green Market this weekend. Market Share CSA members may place an order for pick up at the SOJ or BGM market, or simply show up at our booth to spend your credit. If you wish to order, choose your selection through our Online Store.

Enjoy ~



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