Food With a Story; Mkts & Orders 6/1


All food has a story. Really, all products do, whether we want them to or not. (Even underwear, as some of our farming peers write about.)

DSC_0087   DSC_0083

One of the beautiful things about a local economy is that you get to know more of the story behind the product. And when there’s a close relationship between the producer and the consumer, the story is more likely one of peace. DSC_0086

We are pretty peace-loving people around here, and we’ve been thinking about peace even more than usual this week, thanks to some words by a wise local woman about Memorial Day. It’s a stretch to leap from righteously produced food to global conflict, but peace has to start small and somewhere, eh? So why not here?DSC_0085

Why not with the products we choose to buy? These sound like great places. We all need food and underwear (let’s not debate this, okay?). Some say they need coffee. Bread. Ice cream. Whatever it is for us, let’s get to know the story so that we can know the peace in the story – or work towards a more peaceful story. 

DSC_0080     DSC_0082

Now – there are plenty of stories in our food. And some of you wonderful customers have been trying to figure out the deal with a few of our usual products. Here’s a digital update on some things:


– Bread: Thus far this year, we have had to be baking smaller batches than last year due to our little old oven’s cracks (it just can’t hold the heat to last through three batches per firing, as it did last year.) We have begun construction of a new, larger oven, but we were deliberately moving slowly on that project while we waited on news about whether we were accepted into a program that will help us build our capacity for bread and pizza. The good news is we just recently learned we have been selected for this assistance! We are now working on paperwork and hope to have updates showing some nice activity very soon. Bottom line: Greater quantities of bread and pizza in the future. Stay tuned. 


– Microgreens: We have increased our scale and scope of growing each year that we have been in business thus far. This year, we increased volume without increasing the size of our seedling greenhouse, which meant we were super tight on greenhouse space. Thus: No room for microgreens! However, as the season is moving more and more outdoors, greenhouse space has opened up and microgreens have been seeded. Bottom line: Microgreens should be ready in a couple/few weeks and, all things willing, will be on our market tables. 


– Flowers: We have focused on vegetables so far this spring because we pre-sold through our vegetable CSA for the first time this year. But now we are getting some flowers in the ground! More blooms to come throughout the summer.


In the News: Those interested in the nutritional content of food may enjoy this article about phytonutrients from the NY Times. (Talk about an interesting story!) (Plus, it’s a nice plug for scallions and herbs!)

For our markets this weekend, harvest includes:

Chard, Chinese Cabbage, Collard Greens, Cucumbers, Dill, Head Lettuce (Red and Green), Hearty Mix, Hakurei Turnips, Garlic Scapes, Curly Kale, Red Russian Kale, Toscano Kale, Kohlrabi, Mint,  Pac Choi, Salad Mix, Scallions, Summer Squash…and Eggs and Multigrain Bread.

Recipe suggestions posted on our Recipe Page.

Market Share CSA Members: Choose your selection through our Online StoreEveryone else: Everything on our tables at the farmers’ markets are available for you to purchase and enjoy. Please do!


We will be at to the South of the James market  and Brandermill Green Market this weekend. Market Share CSA members may place an order for pick up at the SOJ or BGM market, or simply show up at our booth to spend your credit. If you wish to order, choose your selection through our Online Store.

Enjoy ~


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