Salad, Carrots, Bread – Farm Stand & Orders for 12/28


The essence of winter at Broadfork:

DSC_0144 001bread

We are ordering materials for the new seedling greenhouse, staking out the footprint of the new barn, moving forward with the addition onto our house (please forgive the large pile of lumber currently in front of the Farm Stand…it will be turning into the frame of our house addition next week…) and taking time to enjoy our family during this dark, cold season.

Our meals continue to be delicious, local (with the exception of flour and beans), and organic. We’re pulling jars of tomatoes from the pantry now and cooking them up with dried beans. This, plus our salad and bread, comprises an amazing dinner. Eggs from our chickens are few these days – not enough to make available for sale but enough to provide breakfast for our family every other day or so with a bit of Old Church Creamery garlic cheddar. Old Church Creamery yogurt we’re finding quite tasty under pumpkin butter that we recently made. Our holiday meal featured Sullivan’s Pond cheese spread on our bread and our carrots braised with butter and broth. This is winter! Just as tasty as summer, but different. We truly wish everyone was fortunate enough to experience this simplicity, seasonality, nutrition, and flavor.

This Week’s Harvest:
Carrots, Lettuce, Radish (sweet giant), and Salad Mix…plus Pepper Jelly and our amazing Bread.

Market Share CSA Members: Choose your selection through our Online Store to order for pick up on Saturday in Chesterfield or Sunday in Richmond.

Everyone else: Please stop by the self-serve Farm Stand at our farm and make a purchase. And – you can sign up for our 2014 Market Share and start placing orders in the new year.


– Janet, Dan, and the whole Broadfork Crew

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