CSA Shares for 8.19.2015

This week’s Farm Share will most likely include:
Tomatoes, Sweet Peppers, Garlic, a pair of Jalapenos, Kale (Church Hill) and Chard (on farm) – [this will then switch for next week], Microgreens, and with the soil willing and the rodents at bay: Carrots

Sign up is now open for our Fall Farm Share CSA which provides members with a weekly share of vegetables for all of October and November. We are so excited to announce that we have not one but two new pick up locations for our Fall Farm Share, pending enough sign-ups for each spot: Perk! Coffee and Lunchbox in Bon Air will be an additional Wednesday afternoon pick up spot and First Unitarian Universalist Church of Richmond (adjacent to Byrd Park and the Carillon Tower) will be a Farm Share pick up spot for Sunday mornings.

* Mark your Calendars! *
Our 2015 CSA Member Farm Party will be on Sunday, September 27th, from 2-6 pm.
CSA Members: Please join us on the farm to share food, drink, a members-only farm tour, and a celebration of the 2015 season. Bring some food to share and sit with us for a spell. Drop in for just a bit or stay the whole afternoon. Driving directions and information (including tour time, tba) found here.

Recipe Suggestions: see these and others cataloged on our Recipe Page
Kale or Chard – While blueberries are still in season, enjoy them with your greens in this recipe for Summer Salad with Kale or Chard. (The recipe calls for kale but the greens are interchangeable.)
Sweet Peppers – In hot weather we love slices of these peppers with a dab of cream cheese inside. It is simple and delicious. If you are up for cooking, we love fajita-style tacos with our sweet peppers prepared in a saute with onions. Back to a cold option: Sandwich/Submarine night is a big hit around here and the same pepper-and-onion saute is a favorite sub sandwich topping for our family.
Microgreens – Add these to just about any meal or dish this week. Seriously. Eggs. Toast. Sandwiches. Sushi. Salads. Pizza. Your body will thank you.
Tomatoes – We are obviously encouraging Tacos and Sub sandwiches for dinner this week, which feature tomatoes beautifully as well. But if you are craving homemade ice cream, we want you to consider this collection of Tomato Ice Cream recipes. We admittedly haven’t made any yet, but the memory of the Tomato Basil Ice Cream from earlier this summer is heavy on our minds.
Carrots – We’re about to fire our farm cats because it seems they haven’t been on rodent-duty in the carrot rows. We have lost quite a number of carrots to these rascals. We will do our best digging them up for you tomorrow and hopefully you can make Anise Seed Carrots or this recipe for Carrots with Anise or Spiced Pilaf Roasted Carrots

Available for Market Share CSA members to choose from this week: Chard, Eggplant, Garlic, Green Beans, Kale, Okra, Peppers (jalapenos, sweet bell, padron…), Tomatoes (with bulk options….Can while you can!), …and naturally leavened Hearth Baked Bread.

Notes about the upcoming weeks, for your planning purposes:
–  We will not have orders for pick up at Good Health Herbs on Wednesday, August 26th or September, 2nd.
– We will not be at South of the James market on Saturday, August 29, or selling through Fall Line Farms (Richmond’s online farmers market) for delivery on August 27. We will be at the Brandermill market like usual.
– We will not be baking bread on Saturday, August 29.
Good Health Herbs is moving! Market Share orders for pick up there after September 1 will be at their new location: 13601 Genito Rd. Midlothian, VA.

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