December gratitude…for 12.5.2015

The harvests are smaller now, the mornings are chilly, but the ‘Thank You’ notes that roll in from our amazing CSA members and customers keep us smiling.
“Thank you for your wonderful veggies!”
“We have loved the shares this fall!”
“I am just so grateful to have access to such wonderful food and to the lovely family that grows it.  You have all been a blessing to our lives.”

collards dew sunrise
Plus, these magical moments with plants, water, and sunlight.
Organic, diversified farming might be the where poetry and farming meet.
We are continuing to offer what remains in our fields for 2015 while also getting ready for 2016. We are finalizing and placing our seed order soon! We are excited about a few improved varieties that we will be growing for you all, plus a couple of tweaks to our standard offerings. Stay tuned! (And sign up now for a share of 2016 harvests!)

Parsley, pictured above, is finding its way into most of our soups and casseroles recently. We like it mixed with garlic and salt, forming a bit of a spread that joins with our other favorite flavors.
salad greens red shoes
To winter-ize our salads, we often use them as a bed of greens under a hot entree. Try it!
st stephens table
In addition to our Market Share CSA orders, we will have our vegetables and bread at the  St. Stephen’s Farmers’ Market again this Saturday, and we continue to sell through  Fall Line Farms and Local Roots Food Co-op, Richmond’s online farmers’ markets.

In January and February, there will be little to harvest. We’ll keep you updated. When not working with the vegetables or on infrastructure projects around the farm, we are planning to go to a conference or two, read a couple of books about farm management that we admire, combine brain power with farmers that we admire to improve systems in 2016, and also take some family time that doesn’t fit into our spring/summer/fall schedule.

Thanks for being part of what we do here, why we do it, and the reason we are able to!

This week’s harvest includes:
Carrots, Collards, Escarole, Hearty Greens Mix, Kale, Lettuce, Microgreens, Parsley, Radishes (red and watermelon), Salad Mix, Turnips…and our Organic Naturally Leavened Bread.

2015 Market Share CSA Members: Reserve your selection online to pick up on Saturday, Dec 5 at our farm, Good Health Herbs, or the St. Stephen’s Farmers’ Market

Vegetables not ordered by our Market Share CSA members will join us this Saturday at the St. Stephen’s Farmers’ Market and will be made available for anyone to order through Fall Line Farms and Local Roots Food Co-op, Richmond’s online farmers’ markets. Please use discount code “broadfork” to waive the subscription fee.

Janet, Dan, and the rest of the Broadfork crew
(Want to follow along throughout the week? Visit us on FacebookInstagram, or Twitter.)

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