Farm & Market Share CSA…for 5.25.2016

Wednesday, May 25th Farm Share will most likely include:
Salad Mix, Hearty Greens Mix, Carrots, Scallions, Cucumbers, Radish, Cabbage

Want to purchase bread to pick up with your Farm Share on Wednesday? See our Bread ordering page here.

Ordering is open for our Market Share members for:
Asian Green – Tatsoi/Yukina Savoy, Chard, Cabbage, Hearty Mix, Kale (curly), Microgreens, Radish, Salad Mix….and our Organic Naturally Leavened Bread. Reserve your selection online to pick up on Wednesday, May 25.

Recipe Suggestions:
Cabbage – Vegetarian Stuffed Cabbage Rolls, Cabbage Saute with Chicken, or for the adventurous, try a recipe for Easy Kimchi
Scallions/Spring Onions – Use these just as you would onions. Use the white and green parts. Saute them with oil or butter and salt and use that as a base for any recipe, or include in a saute/stir fry with other vegetables, or slice on top of salad.
Carrots – We likely need not provide suggestions. Enjoy these tasty beauties! Great raw or cooked, shredded or sliced.
Radish & Cucumber – We are loving a salad of thinly sliced radish and cucumber (as well as any other vegetables you have, including carrots and/or scallions) tossed with olive oil, rice vinegar, salt, pepper, dill, tarragon, oregano, and if desired, sesame oil. Add a touch of honey if you want a bit of sweet with it.
Hearty Greens Mix – We really love these Hearty Greens and keep eating them every day. In smoothies, with eggs, massaged with our staple Lemon Honey Garlic Vinaigrette, combined with our Salad Mix and topped with any amazing Olive Oil & Vinegar from the Olive Oil Taproom (if you haven’t been there, you really should go! Our favorites are Garlic infused Olive Oil, Blood-Orange infused Olive Oil, Cranberry Pear Vinegar, & Napolean Herbs Vinegar…but our list could go on and on. Their oils and vinegar are incredibly tasty, and have no sugars or artificial flavors. Two locations: Bellgrade and Short Pump.)

Enjoy ~
Janet & Dan

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