Flattery…setting Vacations…plus CSA & Mkt 6.11.2016

Our CSA Members and customers are so very amazing. You all share the most wonderful photos of the food you get from us! We get text messages, emails, and posts on Facebook and Instagram. We blush, but we love it. And we are letting your public images provide most of today’s photos. Enjoy! Plus, Farm Share contents, Market Share options, instructions for Farm Share members to set Vacation schedules, and recipe suggestions also follow.

This weekend’s Farm Share will most likely include:
Salad Mix, Hearty Greens Mix, Cilantro, Head Lettuce, Cucumber, Kale, Cabbage, and Kohlrabi. (What?? See here for info about the wonderful vegetable called Kohlrabi.)
                (See recipe suggestions toward the end of this newsletter.)
This is for our Farm Share CSA members who pick up:
~ on Saturday @ the Farmers Market @ St. Stephen’s
~ on Monday @ Summer Lake

And…we are happy to have been given a copy of Taproot magazine to pass on to each of you. This is an independent, ad-free, quarterly magazine focusing on food, farm, family, and craft. We have enjoyed our subscription since they started a few years ago. Recently, they asked CSA farms to apply to receive complimentary copies to pass on to CSA members. We applied and today we received them. Please look for a stack at each pick up location and help yourself to a copy. Each quarter has a different theme, and this edition’s theme is ::PRESERVE. There are moving stories, beautiful art, delicious recipes, and gorgeous crafts, including coloring pages. Enjoy!

Farm Share Members…Re: VACATION – Your share includes two weeks off during the season. One week off is August 28th – Sept 3rd (the week before Labor Day). The other week is one of your choosing. Please set your vacation week by scheduling a “Vacation Hold” on our CSA website. Login here, then click on the link on the Left side of the screen “Schedule vacation hold…” and then click on relevant buttons to select the week. If you will be gone an additional week of the season, you can set the date using this Vacation Hold function and then request us to give you a Double Share on a different week, or you can direct us to “Donate the share.” And, as always, just give us an email or phone call if you have questions or need help. Thank you! 

kohlrabi meal
zucchini flowers
This week’s harvest includes:
Asian Greens (Yukina Savoy & Komatsuna), Cabbage, Rainbow Chard, Collards, Cucumbers, Hearty Greens Mix, Kale, Kohlrabi, Head Lettuce, Microgreens, Salad Mix, Scallions, Summer Squash, Turnips….and our Organic, Naturally Leavened Bread (multiple varieties!).
{Our CSA Software company has been having server issues this morning, so if you click on the link to order and get an error message, please wait a while and then try again. Thanks for your patience!}
2016 Market Share CSA Members: Reserve your selection online to pick up Saturday, June 11th at our farm, at the Brandermill Green Market, or at the Farmers Market @ St. Stephens. (Everything remaining after pre-orders will be available for purchase at the Brandermill Green Marketand  at the Farmers Market @ St. Stephens.)

Here’s a photo of ours: Our head lettuces are amazing right now! We recommend that everyone purchase at least 5 of them. 🙂 
General Eating Tips – 
It’s now summer, and the food is delicious but we all tend to get busy. Trust us – we know! Our family is now at swim team practice each night. How to eat well and not go crazy? Here’s our best suggestions:
1) Make lots of salads and prepare to travel with them! Whether in a mason jar or plastic container for pool-side, just chop up the veggies and make a salad for as many meals as possible. Your body (and those of your household) will thank you. 2) Top your salad well. (Think Crosby Stills and sing this to the tune of “Teach…the children well…”) Add as many toppings as you can:other vegetables, fruit, protein. Nuts, raisins, cheese, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds. Tuna, salmon. Use a variety of oils and vinegars. Try a type of oil and/or vinegar that you’ve never had before. Add a bit of honey if that will make you eat more salad.  3) Make sandwiches or wraps and fill them well. Use the same mindset suggested above for salads, and fill your sandwich/wrap with as much as you can. Remember that oil, vinegar, and salt (or some other sauce) can make a sandwich go from decent to great. 4) When in doubt, take any vegetable, slice it small, and toss with oil, vinegar, sea salt, and pepper. Then perhaps combine it with a protein and a carb (rice, bread, farro, wheat berries, pasta, etc.) to make a vegetable-based meal without fuss. We’re not nutritionists or dietitians, but we have helped many people eat more vegetables over the years. 
Specific Recipe Suggestions:
This is the vegetable that you likely haven’t seen before. You want to peel the round part and eat the inside, raw or cooked. The leaves are also edible – treat them like kale. But the inside part of the round part is the main attraction. We mostly slice it into rounds and eat it raw like a “chip” to dip into things like hummus. You can also roast, saute, or shred it raw for a salad topping. See here for multiple recipes. 
Cabbage – 
hop, top with oil, salt, and pepper, and bake for a full hour and a half at approx. 400 degrees and you will discover that the cabbage takes on a whole new, and amazing, flavor. 
Cilantro –
See here for recipes like Cilantro Lime Shrimp, Cilantro Chimichurri (often served with lamb or steak but sub any protein), Cold Marinated Sirloin & Noodle Bowl (sub any protein),  Cilantro & Ginger Hummus, Cilantro Pesto, Chili-Cilantro Sour Cream (suggested to be paired with Sweet Potato Fries), and more. And remember to simply add some Cilantro leaves to any salad for a fresh and tasty twist.
Summer Kale Salad with Cherries & Balsamic Vinaigrette
Head Lettuce
Taco Lettuce Wraps
to go on sandwiches with greens and scallions, etc: See this collection of sandwich sauces such as Garlic Aioli, Chipotle mayo, etc.

One last fan photo: We were flattered to have Certified Naturally Grown feature us with this inspiring quote:
CNG and quote
Plus…many of you send the kindest thank you notes with your payment checks. Ever wonder where those go? Here’s a glimpse at the answer: Posted in the wash-and-pack area of our barn, to help lift a spirit when needed. Thank you!
Enjoy ~
Janet, Dan, & the whole Broadfork crew
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