Beauty & Damage Before Labor Day…plus CSA & mkts 9.2.2017

It’s prime vegetable mandala season! The food is so beautiful it just lends to making art.

Out in the field, there’s a little more wildness having an impact on things:

Meanwhile, the beans that we have been waiting for to produce abundantly have finally hit their stride:

Thus…a Special Deal this week for Farm Stand shoppers and CSA Members (Farm Share and Market Share): General public at our farmstand this week: $4/pound. CSA members this week: $3/pound (at the farmstand OR at the farmers’ market booth). Load up and eat a zillion now or make Dilly Beans or pressure can beans to enjoy this winter.   ** Here is our favorite Dilly Beans Recipe (you don’t have to can them – you can simply enjoy fridge-stored dilly beans)

Eggplants are also in their prime right now! Check out this Lasagna made with our Fairytale Eggplant by one of our CSA Members.

The lasagna description ((and we quote) “This might be my favorite thing I’ve made so far! Homemade lasagna with fairy tale eggplant – I made a quick sauce with Broadfork tomatoes, onions and garlic, and then layered in eggplant, ricotta, mozzarella, mushrooms, spinach and topped with Parmesan cheese. I used a grain free pasta from https://cappellos.com (bought at Ellwood Thompson’s) and was blown away! I usually don’t make lasagna because I feel like it takes so long, but this was quick. I didn’t cook the eggplant before, next time I might just roast it for 8-10 mins so it cooks a little quicker. So yummy!”

There you go, folks. Good eats are in your future. See you at the farmers’ markets this weekend!

* Farm Shares have been on hold all week and continue on hold through this weekend. We’ll be packing Farm Shares again for Summer Lake next Tuesday, September 5th. Market Share ordering is open. 

This week’s harvest (and baking) includes: 
Chard, Fairy Tale Eggplant, Beatrice (Italian) Eggplant, Hearty Greens Mix, Lettuce, Microgreens, Okra, Shishito Peppers, Sweet Orange & Red Peppers, Salad Mix, Spearmint, Summer Squash, Tomatoes (slicers and cherries)…and our Organic Hearth Baked Bread (Roasted Pepper and Onion, Whole Rye, & Seed loaves for this weekend)
{Our farmstand is open Thurs & Friday with most of the above items…see here for updated inventory}

2017 Market Share CSA Members: Reserve your selection online to pick up Saturday, Sept 2 at our farm, at the Brandermill Green Market, or at the Farmers Market @ St. Stephens.

Anything remaining after CSA shares are distributed and our farm stand is shopped… we’ll bring to the Brandermill Green Market or the Farmer’s Market @ St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church in the West End of Richmond. Keep an eye on what we have available via the online farmers’ markets: FallLineFarms.com and Local Roots Food Coop.

Enjoy ~
Janet, Dan, & the whole Broadfork crew

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2 thoughts on “Beauty & Damage Before Labor Day…plus CSA & mkts 9.2.2017

  1. I believe I bought a lunch box pepper plant from you last spring. The peppers were so adorable I entered them into the county fair and they won first place. I thought you’d like to know!

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