90 Degrees and October!…plus CSA & mkts for 10.6.2018

After an unseasonably wet and cooler summer, and a September that was above-average hot and very rainy, we now have ourselves starting October with temps near or at 90 degrees. Our deep love for September and October may have to shift to a deep love of just the last two weeks of October.

We are appreciating this drying-out spell. Our plants are showing their appreciation as well. We’ve focused attention on tending to plants that needed more attention than usual in order to recover from the stressful conditions of August and September, plus planting more greens than we usually do this time of year. We’re hoping for more harvest than usual in November and December.

We’ll have a nice selection of greens at both markets this weekend. See below for details. Saturday’s weather is forecasted to be mild and more seasonal! We’ll see you there with vegetables, bread,  flowers, and smiles.

Saturday’s Farm Share will likely include: 
Salad Mix, larger Sweet Peppers, Hearty Greens Mix, Non Spicy Jalapenos, Tomatoes, Snack Peppers, and Sweet Salad Turnips

Other Vegetable Notes & Recipe Suggestions…also cataloged on our Recipe Page and see our Pinterest Page
Hearty Greens Mix
 – We love this as a raw salad with lots of toppings. Use good olive oil and vinegar, ground sea salt and pepper, plus seeds and nuts and cheese and peppers and olives. It’s also fabulous in soups and as a simple saute: Stir until wilted in a pan with your favorite oil plus maybe onions and garlic. Salt to taste. See also the Kale recommendations below. Hearty Greens Mix can be used in place of Kale in any recipe.
Kale – We’ll share again our four kids’ top ways to enjoy Kale: using it for this Hearty Greens & Lemon Honey Garlic Vinaigrette recipe (said our 6 year old), Scrambled Eggs with Kale (said our 11 year old), Strawberry Kale Salad with Lemon Poppy Seed Dressing (said our 9 year old), and in a Green Smoothie (said our 3 year old). No kidding. These were their quick and direct answers. Our veggie-loving hearts are swelling with pride.
Non Spicy Jalapenos?!? What?!? We love Jalapeno Poppers, but our jalapenos were getting so spicy that our meals were getting dangerous. Enter in this variety that has all the flavor and none of the blaze. So – enjoy these family friendly Roasted Jalapeno Poppers or if you’re bacon eaters, make these Bacon-Wrapped Jalapeno Poppers.
Snack Peppers – If you don’t use them all in on top of salads or as a simple-and-delicious snack, please make Mini Stuffed Sweet Peppers. We will miss these little gems once winter arrives!
Turnips, AND their Greens – The all-white and slightly sweet ones we grow are a Japanese variety and quite different than the purple-topped ones that too many of us were served “boiled and mashed.” Try these as Roasted Turnips with Parmesan or enjoy them raw sliced on top of green salads. Their greens are currently in really nice shape so please eat them, though give them a rinse as there may be some bugs clinging on. After washing them, make Spicy Skillet Turnip Greens and adjust the spice level up or down according to your preference.

Our harvest for Saturday’s farmers’ markets will include: 
Arugula, Eggplant (Italian & Fairy Tale), Flower Bouquets, Garlic, Hearty Greens Mix, Jalapeno Peppers that are NOT spicy, Kale, Okra, Salad Mix, Sweet Peppers (bullhorn shape and bell shape and snack size), Shishito Peppers, hopefully the first Radishes, Green Tomatoes, the last of the red Tomatoes, Sweet Salad Turnips…and our Organic Hearth Baked Bread (Baguettes, Herb, Whole Rye, Raisin, & Seed loaves for this weekend).
{Our farmstand is open Thurs & Friday with most of the above items…see here for updated inventory}

Anything remaining after CSA shares are distributed and our farm stand is shopped (plus the bread we bake Saturday morning)… we’ll bring on Saturday to the Brandermill Green Market  and the Farmer’s Market @ St. Stephen’s . Keep an eye on what we have available via the online farmers’ markets: FallLineFarms.com and Local Roots Food Coop.

~Market Share member? You’re likely looking for this link here.

Enjoy ~
Janet, Dan, & the whole Broadfork crew

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