Farm Stand Saturday Kick Off, and May Abundance!…for 5.4.2019

May is here! Vegetables are loving this weather! Our Farm Share members have started getting their shares for the season! And it’s Friday and we aren’t dodging rain and/or wind! There’s so much to celebrate. Read on.

The plants have exploded in the past three days. It’s beautiful. We are harvesting a lot of amazing food now, and we’re so excited to put it in the hands of our community members.

We’re so excited that we will be here in our FarmStand, on our farm, Saturday morning to greet you and help you with your purchase! This is new this season, and we’ll be here each Saturday from 9-12. Come visit us!

We’ll also be at our booth at the Farmers’ Market at St. Stephens like usual, and you can order this deliciousness through the online farmers market, Fall Line Farms, and our more-than-amazing Farm Shareholders have started picking up their shares this week. It feels really good when all the seeding, planting, watering, weeding, and pest/disease management results in fabulous harvests in May. Now – may it stay this way through the season!

In other news, the two of us were spotted around town this week as we enjoyed being honored at the 2019 Elby Awards. We’ll definitely not be winning any awards for being photographer-ready, but we were delighted to be included in the evening. It was well organized and great fun.

One of our favorite parts of the night was when the “Exemplary Farmer” category was introduced by the announcers saying “This next part of the evening is about the people that shower at NIGHT instead of in the morning.” We realized at that moment that it had been many years since we had thought about the fact that most people don’t shower off the sweat and dirt at night-time. HUGE congratulations to Amy’s Garden for winning this category. If we had been judges, we would have selected her. She (re-)introduced local, organic agriculture to the Richmond area in the late 90’s, and our success here is partly due to her groundbreaking work. Thank you, Amy!

Back with our feet on the earth, plants are looking really great around here. This could change at any time, but we are grateful for quality seeds, healthy soil, an excellent staff, and the community to support this work.

Visit us this weekend to scoop up some of this goodness!

Meanwhile, we’ll keep planting and harvesting.

We’ll see you tomorrow! Driving directions to our FarmStand are found here. We’ll have some of all of the items below here on Saturday morning for you to purchase.

Our harvest this week includes: 
Arugula, Beets Cilantro, Hearty Greens Mix, Microgreens, Mint, Salad, Sugar Snap Pea Shoots, Radishes, plus
PLANTS for your garden: Kale – Lettuce – Spinach – Chard – Cilantro – Dill – Thyme – Sage – Rosemary – Mojito Mint – Peppermint – Lemon Balm – Lavender – Tomatoes (slicers as well as Cherry Tomatoes) – Summer Squash – Sweet Peppers – Eggplant – Basil)…and we’ll bake our Organic Hearth Baked Bread (Baguettes, Herb, Whole Rye, Raisin, & Seed loaves for this weekend).

{Our farmstand is open with most of the above items…see here for updated inventory}

We’ll bring these items on Saturday to the Farmer’s Market @ St. Stephen’s – which is outside in the parking lot from 8-12. Also keep an eye on what we have available via Richmond’s only online farmers’ market: FallLineFarms.com.

Enjoy ~

Janet, Dan, & the whole Broadfork crew
Want to follow along during the week, including Farm Stand updates? Visit us on Facebook or Instagram

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