Astounding Beauty & Taste…for 5.18.2019

It’s late on Friday…again…and we are just now getting around to sending you this newsletter. Our apologies for that, but it’s due to so many wonderful vegetables growing and the fact that our main job is to grow excellent food for you! This newsletter plays second fiddle to our actual farming work.

We had an amazing harvest this week, and we continue to express our appreciation for the kind weather this spring has brought us! We didn’t catch pictures of it all today, but here’s our list for what we have at our FarmStand (at our farm) on Saturday morning, plus at our booth at the Farmers’ Market at St. Stephens:

Salad Mix / Lettuce Heads / Lettuce Mix (pictured) / Microgreens / Arugula / Spinach / Hearty Greens Mix / Kale / Rainbow Chard / Radishes / Turnips / Carrots / Red Beets / Cilantro / Dill / Mint / Green Garlic / Garlic Scapes / Red Lettuce Heads / Romaine Lettuce Heads / PLANTS for your garden: Black Cherry Tomatoes, Sungold Cherry Tomatoes, Supersweet Cherry Tomatoes, Red Lettuce, Green Lettuce, and an assortment of Herbs.

Plus at our FarmStand we have Herbal Salves (made by our oldest child from herbs grown here on our farm) / & Honey from our Hives

We’ve decided vegetables are a little like children in that they are so much work, but then you blink and they are all grown up. These cherry tomatoes will be ripe before we know it!

We grow this food so you can eat well! We’ll see you Saturday morning!

We have all these veggie beauties in our FarmStand at our farm, which is now staffed on Saturday mornings from 9-12, and open and self-serve from 9a-8p daily. Plus, we’ll bring these items on Saturday to the Farmer’s Market @ St. Stephen’s – which is outside in the parking lot from 8-12. Also keep an eye on what we have available via Richmond’s only online farmers’ market: FallLineFarms.com.

Enjoy ~

Janet, Dan, & the whole Broadfork crew
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