May, 2020, and the Farm is Well!

It’s near the end of May and the farm is bursting with abundance!

It’s been quiet here on the e-newsletter front this spring because on the farm we have been hustling and bustling. Pandemic logistics have added a number of steps and systems to our usual way of doing things, and weather has been especially kind for growing vegetables, and that combination equals a very busy spring for us. And an abundant spring for your enjoyment!

Exciting updates for us all:
We have expanded our refrigerated space in our FarmStand at our farm so that customers may shop from a wider selection of what we grow. It is Self-serve, open everyday from 9a-7pm, and in our humble opinions, stocked very deliciously. The eating is so good!

We ask that you wear a mask, keep 6′ distance from others, and if there are a couple of others shopping when you arrive, please wait patiently for them to finish before you shop. Our FarmStand is not a huge space and that way each person can have the space to shop safely.

On the digital front, we have a new option for our Saturday Farmers’ Market customers: Online ordering! We have a pre-order site here: https://www.broadforkfarmpreordersite.com/ to order “Farmers’ Choice Vegetable Bags” for pick up at the Farmers’ Market @ St. Stephens in the West End of Richmond. The managers of the market have worked hard to create a safe set-up for community members to pre-order and/or shop and pick up food. The number of customers allowed in to the market area at a time is limited, and therefore there is a que (line) to access entrance. However – there is an EXPRESS LINE for customers who have pre-ordered and pre-paid. Head to that line and a runner will enter the market area and retrieve your order.

This week’s Farmers’ Choice Bags will contain: Salad Mix, Kale, small Lettuce Heads (red and green), Beets, Spring Onions, and the sweetest Salad Turnips that you’ll have ever had.
(^^ This is an older photo, but it is the best pic of a beet harvest ever!)

To recap:
– You can shop our FarmStand at our farm any day, have great selection, and choose what you want while shopping alone in the fresh, open air setting.
-You can pre-order and pre-pay to pick up a Farmers’ Choice Bag of Vegetables at St. Stephens on Saturday mornings.
– We are also still selling through Richmond’s online Farmers’ Market: Fall Line Farms. (Ordering opens each Friday at noon and closes Sunday at midnight. Pick up the following Thursday at your choice of one of 25 locations around town.)

And….Our Farm Share members are enjoying selecting from our harvest through a separate platform. Our Farm Share is full for this season, but we have been adding folks from the waiting list. If you are interested, check out the details on our Farm Share page.

The fields are so full of delicious abundance right now. The soil is better than ever, the plants are healthier than ever, and our harvests amaze us. (May the weather continue to be kind!) We have a fantastic crew that has joined us for this season, our kids are growing up into even more interesting and capable beings every year, and the birdsong around our farm gets better each season. Life is good. And we work our tails off and are quite exhausted every evening. 🙂

Our family and the farm staff are all still very healthy and continuing diligent hand washing, social distancing, mask wearing, and extremely limiting anything any of us are involved in off the farm. We’re taking our health very seriously, your health very seriously, and are also grateful that this is not a food-born disease. We are strictly following the governor’s orders about our activity, as well as the Va. Dept of Ag’s rules about farm business and farmers’ market logistics. Any questions at all? Reach out!

We hope to be providing food for your household this weekend!

Blessings on your meals, and wash your hands often ~

Janet, Dan, & the whole Broadfork crew (Julie, Caity, Karen, Ray, Diana, Rachel, Mare, Tom, and the kids: Sylvie, Joren, Elletta, and Beckett)
Want to follow along during the week, including Farm Stand updates? Visit us on Facebook or Instagram

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