In the Media

Virginia Farming, WVPT Public Television interview – March 20, 2015
(This video was filmed on March 6, 2015 – just two weeks after temperatures reached -6 degrees Farenheit on our farm! The videographer filmed shots of various plants that had been severely damaged by the cold. Please know that the pale yellow spinach and onion plants shown are not typical of our crops and were a result of the recent record-breaking low temperatures that caused crop failures.) 

USDA Grant Announcement – May 22, 2013

Village News – April 9, 2012: Broadfork Farm provides fresh food for the community

Chesterfield Observer – May 18, 2011: From Field to Plate – County adds more farmers markets


NSAC Blog Post about Farmer-Fly In (Farm Bill 2013) – Janet speaks up for Beginner Farmer Programs

Chesterfield Observer, April 24, 2013 – Janet speaks out against landfill’s request to accept potentially hazardous substances one mile upstream from farm.

Richmond Times Dispatch, June 20, 2012 – “Viva vinaigrette: Whisk your own dressing” – Janet shares the families favorite salad dressing recipes

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