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Images of Spring

Forget my promise of a field preparation post. I need to focus on something more colorful for a bit. Luckily, signs of spring are increasing everyday. The garlic is growing beautifully:

We planted garlic last November and we will harvest it in July. Under the white row cover is turnips and carrots:

Not very impressive looking, I know. But this picture was taken a couple weeks ago. Maybe I’ll do a time lapse sequence soon.

Requisite daffodil photo (I don’t care how common they are – they are so wonderful to see in March):

Really knocking my socks off right now is the orchard. Most of the orchard is only 18 months since planting, so last year didn’t exactly produce showy blooms. So the flowers this year make us jump with joy.



I forget. Mulberry? Dan kind of goes nuts and plants fruit trees as often as he can, so I lose track.


And the least showy right now, but my favorite: these modest buds are apples of the future:

I forget on this one, too. But I love the flowers all the same.

Potatoes arrived and are now planted. Here’s some varieties we planted this year:

And greenhouse things are still growing, enjoying a warm blanket at night:

Spring was welcomed in this year by a fabulous moon. I hope you got to see it Saturday night. I am no moon photographer, but I captured the moment with these modest shots:

The kids and I were wheeling up and down our road at 9 pm or so to look at it and take these photos. They thought it was cool, and our neighbors all wondered why some lunatic was out in the dark making all the dogs get excited. Sorry, folks. We were just welcoming in spring under the lunar glow.

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