Our New Little Dear, and Oh…the Deer!

Close on the heels of the end of the market season, we welcomed Elletta Auralee into our family. She was born December 13th, at a healthy 9 pounds, 1 ounce. We have spent the past three weeks learning about her newborn self and falling madly in love. Dan has taken breaks from adoring his new,… Continue reading Our New Little Dear, and Oh…the Deer!


Pizza Night, Oct 1, 2011

 Though it took place two months ago, our Pizza Night still deserves mention and a blog post. With the season winding down, I find time to give this fabulous event its due: with photos and details to aid readers in recounting the good times had, or imagining how wonderful it would have been to attend!… Continue reading Pizza Night, Oct 1, 2011

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Mid-Spring Update

The arugula  has come and gone, bolting in its relentless pursuit of reproducing. And so we have settled into mid-spring. The early season crops are large and healthy; peas should be ready to harvest for next weekend. Mid season crops are gradually spreading and blooming; we may have some new potatoes soon, and the squash… Continue reading Mid-Spring Update