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Mid-Spring Update

The arugula  has come and gone, bolting in its relentless pursuit of reproducing. And so we have settled into mid-spring. The early season crops are large and healthy; peas should be ready to harvest for next weekend. Mid season crops are gradually spreading and blooming; we may have some new potatoes soon, and the squash blossoms are foreshadowing summer fruits.

(Potatoes in foreground, brassicas in the middle, salad greens beyond.)

(Peas above.)

Since this is our first season marketing here, in addition to planting and harvesting we have been finishing up some necessary infrastructure: the deer fence that surrounds all of our growing area (with our house in the middle) was recently completed, and the walk-in cooler to store the bounty between harvest and market is underway.

(Our recent planting “date.”)

We have begun posting recipes for produce that is in season on our recipe page. Currently it has recipes for kale and bok choy. I have made all the recipes there and can attest to their delicious-ness. We welcome pictures on our facebook page of our produce prepared in these dishes or any other way. It would be great to see how folks are enjoying what we grow!

(Garlic that will be ready mid-summer.)

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