Pizza Night, Oct 1, 2011

 Though it took place two months ago, our Pizza Night still deserves mention and a blog post. With the season winding down, I find time to give this fabulous event its due: with photos and details to aid readers in recounting the good times had, or imagining how wonderful it would have been to attend!

  We prepped for the event by assembling pizza boxes, making mozzarella, and chopping all the toppings. The fired roared through the afternoon, warming the earthen oven.


After the fire has heated the oven sufficiently, we let it burn down to coals, sweep out the ashes, and then wipe down the baking surface and close up the door.  Pizza’s were assembled to order and slid into the oven.

With the oven around 600-700 degrees (we lack a thermometer to accurately measure that high!), pizzas cook in just a minute or two, producing the most delicious pizza I have ever tasted.


We sourced as many ingredients locally as we could, listed above, and suggested some pizza combinations but let customers choose their own adventure if so desired. The hands-down favorite of the night was Pear and Gorgonzola. (And it is, indeed, the most delicious. The favorite of me and my whole family too!) .

Our shiitakes top this pizza beautifully.

I, Janet, rolled out dough and prepared toppings while Dan was master pizza slinger, keeping an eye on how they were cooking. We were quite the team, and all the happy customers were delighted to receive their piping hot and delicious pizza.


Folks brought all sorts of spreads with which to enjoy their dinner, from simple blankets to elaborate, decorated tables and wine glasses.

What a way to finish off the summer! We were so thankful for everyone who purchased pizzas for our inaugural Pizza Night. We received reaffirming feedback from everyone and are very excited to offer this again next spring. We have a baby to birth and love in the meantime (this week sometime??) but anticipate hosting Pizza Nights next spring with our newest little tot in tow. If you didn’t get a chance to attend last month, feel free to subscribe to the blog here in order to receive an update about our schedule, or send us an email and we’ll add you to our email list.

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