First Market Day, 2012

Tomorrow, Saturday March 3rd, is our first scheduled market day of the season! (South of the James market, in the parking lot of the Patrick Henry School, right beside Forest Hill Park. 10 am – Noon.)

And the forecast for tomorrow is for wicked thunderstorms through noon time.

Therefore, you might need to be enticed to brave the weather and visit us at market tomorrow. It’s obviously just the start of the season, and we don’t have any produce to market yet, but we still have other wonderful offerings from our little farm. Let me try to entice you with images of what we’ll have!

Gorgeous daffodils! What a way to brighten up your home during a stormy weekend.

Eggs! Delicious, golden yolks from our chickens that move around our different fields, enjoying grass and fresh air.

Bread! We make excellent, naturally leavened bread, baked in our wood-fired oven. We are experimenting with selling some bread this spring, during the time when we have less produce to offer. This bread will come out of the oven mere a couple of hours before market begins.

Remember these peaches? No, we don’t grow them. No, they aren’t in season right now, but we made jam from them last summer. (The peaches are from the Saunders’ Brothers Orchard.) We say serve up an egg sandwich for dinner, followed by toast with peach jam. My mouth is watering already.

Next week we will have our first micro-greens of the season. This is what they look like today:

Super nutritious and flavorful. We have missed them this winter and are very excited to be offering them to you again very soon.

As for other things on the farm, the greenhouse is full and beautiful.

Garlic is growing it’s way through the winter.  Fields are being worked.


We are so excited for the bounty that will follow soon enough. Until then, we look forward to seeing you at market tomorrow. Bring your raincoat, and probably an umbrella too, and dash in for some delicious local food and flowers.

Oh, and we’ll have our new baby with us as well. She’s as good looking as those peaches and flowers!

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