Vegetables, Flowers, Water, Farm Stand, Tour

A reminder that our next tour is this coming Saturday, June 2nd at 4:00. We look forward to showing people around our farm and helping all learn how we grow.

An announcement: for all the wonderful people that have been asking about purchasing things here at the farm, we are delighted to announce we are making a self-serve farm-stand. For now, all are still welcome to call/email and see what we have and when we’ll be here, but we’ll also very soon have a set up so that you can swing by and pick up eggs, veggies, flowers, plants for your garden etc. without even needing to track us down. So if you can’t make it to market on Saturday, you can make your selection here at the farm and leave money in a cash box. Easy as pie! Right now we reliably have available eggs, salad mix, spinach, turnips, herbs, greens, heads of lettuce…and I will be posting here and on facebook what is in the cooler, waiting to make the trip to your kitchen.

Now, a glimpse at the farm as it presently looks. (All pictures were taken this morning.) Flower season is really beginning here! We grow Cosmos, Sunflowers, and Zinnias currently. Cutting and making bouquets is a delight. Flowers currently compose a small amount of our growing area, but we cherish the beauty that comes out of these beds.


Spring has been really good to us this year, with nice soaking rains at good intervals. We’ve been able to get our fields prepped, beds shaped, and plants planted without too many weather-induced headaches. On that note, we are scheduled to have a new well drilled this week. The adults around here are excited about the water source. The kids are excited about an enormous drilling rig driving up. 🙂

Hopefully you’ve seen what we’ve been bringing to market, and hopefully you’ll see what’s in our fields at the tour this weekend, but for the digital audience, here’s a peek into what’s growing:


Summer squash is ready! It’s available in our cooler if you want some before Saturday. Our kids have already started asking for squash sticks.

Tomatoes are growing, making us wait for their treasured deliciousness:


Peppers and eggplants are coming along. We’ll be up to our ears in them before we know it. Sweet potatoes are growing, too. It’s hard to imagine that all this black plastic will be covered up by the reaching vines, but it will.


Just for fun, we’re trying some artichokes this year. We’ve never grown them, so you’ll be learning right along with us on this one.

After a nice rain on Thursday, Dan did some flame weeding. This is one chemical free way to battle the ever growing weeds that threaten to take over all of our efforts.

Last week we also presented to a lively Rotary breakfast meeting. We were well received, met many nice people, ran into numerous parents of my peers from my school days, and established helpful contacts while helping the Rotarians get smarter about small scale, sustainable ag. (Please get in touch if you belong to a group that would enjoy a presentation by us.) They were kind enough to send us away with a mug, which was quickly filled with iced coffee to battle the sleep deprivation and heat that have also marked this week!

Hope to see you all soon – at farm stand, market, or tour. Until then, eat well!

One thought on “Vegetables, Flowers, Water, Farm Stand, Tour

  1. Loved your tour today and will visit often. I am so impressed with both of you to have made this happen! Good luck. I will spread the word.
    Monika Fitzgerald

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