Ode to a Bed Shaper

Last year we shared a photo here of a piece of equipment that Dan designed and put together to shape our beds. It is smart and handy, but limited in its capacity. This year we were ready to step it up a notch with a beefier and multi-faceted bed shaper. Check this out:

If there were late night infomercials about farm equipment, this big boy would be a star. It slices, dices, cleans up in a jiffy, and makes your work five times as fast. (And maybe an infomercial would offer a two-for-one deal! Or a free attachment while supplies last!)



We love it. The kids love it. (Joren calls it the ‘Bed Shape-oh’ since he can’t pronounce ‘ers.) The plants love it. The plastic lays tight and stays put. The drip line lays flat and stays put, watering where the plants are instead of where the plants aren’t. Beds can be prepped and ready for planting in a fraction of the time it used to take. What a perfect investment.

We love it so much, we’ve named it after a very important man:

We can only guess the honor that one might feel, having a farm implement named after him. We hope it swells him up with pride! It sure has made our farming life way better, leaving more time to notice other things going on:

Chickens eating. Future salad growing. Adorable pre-schoolers cutting flowers.




We love you, Brian! Thank you for being worthy of being our bed-shaper’s namesake.

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