First Summer Market Day

It’s officially summer. This past week marked the Summer Solstice – the first day of summer. The day when the earth’s tilt has reached its max and the equator moves its way back toward the sun’s direct path.  And it’s hot.

We thought our first tastes of ripe tomatoes last week signaled summer was here, but we were wrong. It’s the incredible heat of this week that really makes us remember what season it is. Summer is here. And it’s hot. 🙂

But this heat is what allows us to have grown so much while it was still officially spring. So we embrace it and appreciate the changes in our fields: While our beloved leafy greens take a beating in this heat (arugula won’t appear again on our tables for a while unless we get some significant rain), the tomatoes and peppers and okra are soaking it up. Leaving the subject of the heat, our family has been loving Squash Fries, but unfortunately the squash bugs have been loving our squash. There are plenty for market this week, but we are having to get vigilant with our soap application that helps with those bugs.

This blustery storm brewing sent the harvest crew into the house for shelter for a bit, allowing a picture of what we’ll have on our market tables tomorrow:
Basil, Bell Peppers, Beets, Carrots (two varieties), Cucumbers (delicious salt-n-pepper variety, as well as the old faithful slicing variety), Jalapeno peppers (in case you aren’t hot enough), Micro-greens, Salad Mix, Chard, Spinach (limited amount), Summer Squash (yellow and zucchini), Okra (limited amount), Potatoes, and Turnips.

…and beautiful bouquets of flowers, loaves of bread, and some cartons of eggs.

Looking forward to seeing you at market –

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