Life at 90

We will admit: life is a little sweeter at 90 degrees and with a half inch of rain.

90 feels quite cool after multiple days of 105, and though a total of a half inch of rain in seven weeks isn’t much, it sure took the edge off and we are grateful. Some farming friends to the east of here had a whopping six inches of rain dumped and they are swamped! Weather sure is a fickle friend.

 (salad greens being harvested today)

 (leeks for tomorrow)


The tomatoes are really pouring in from the fields now, and so our mayonnaise consumption has increased exponentially. We all are suckers for the scrumptious simplicity of tomato slices with mayo on our bread. If any of you have trouble getting through the week without a second installment of our produce (especially tomatoes this time of year!), send us an email and we’ll include you in our mid-week offer of our goods. We’re exploring a partnership with Good Health Herbs in Market Square as a pick up location.

 (the grafted tomato project continues on, looking quite adorable right now, staked to bamboo skewers with patriotic pipe cleaner)

If anyone has a family member or friend in the restaurant business that would be willing to contribute a great quantity of wine bottles for our Pizza/Bread Oven, we would be most appreciative for you to pass our request on to them. We have collected about 100 bottles but need 300 more! We either need to drink way too much wine, or find someone who is serving it to many, many people. Thanks for your help here!


Pictured above is okra. Here is now a short ode to okra: We love it. We adore it. We bake it, roast it, and pan fry it. (We haven’t actually ever deep-fried it, I confess. That just makes our kitchen too hot.) It requires no cutting or prep. The children cheer for it. (You may think us a bit weird by now.) And on top of all that, it’s a gorgeous plant. Look at that flower! We hope you’ll get to enjoy some of its fruits this week.

This week for market we have  harvested:

Bell Peppers (purple and green), Cucumbers, Eggplant, Jalapeno peppers, Leeks, Malabar Spinach (new and delicious!), Micro-greens, Okra, Onions, Perpetual Spinach/Chard (mixed in bags), Potatoes, SALAD MIX, Summer Squash, Tomatoes of many varieties…

…and Bread, Eggs, and Bouquets of Flowers.


(Those trays above contain salad and flowers etc. for future weeks – the planting doesn’t slow down here for quite some time yet. Below are tomatoes and onions for the near future.)


Enjoy your Friday and we’ll see you at market –

One thought on “Life at 90

  1. My goodness! What a bounty! I have not visited the blog or the market in some time and I am quite impressed, especially with as dry as it has been. Can’t wait to sink my teeth into one of those maters. Lesley

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