Produce and Flowers Delivery – July 18th

If you would like to place an order for any of the following, your order will be available for pick up at Good Health Herbs (in Market Square of Brandermill) on Wednesday, July 18th, between 2 – 5 pm. There will be an envelope in which you can place your payment (cash or check).
      Heirloom varieties $4 /lb
      Hybrid varieties $3.50/lb
Eggplants $2.50 /lb
      Heirloom Rosa Bianca or
      Black Beauty
Bell Peppers (green) $3 / lb
      (avg about 75 cents per pepper)
Jalapeno Peppers $5 /lb
Okra $3 /lb
Potatoes $2 /lb
       Red or
Sweet Red Onions $2 /lb
Mixed Flower Bouquet $5
(We also have Night Sky Farm’s goat cheese and soaps stored here at our farm for sale. Soft chevre – frozen ($8 /tube), Feta in brine ($10 natural, $12 herbed), and bars of soap $6.)
Please place your order via email by Wednesday at noon. All prices include Va sales tax.
Thanks so much for working with us as we explore this new way of bringing Certified Naturally Grown produce and flowers to you. We welcome comments and suggestions. (And – as a reminder, we will be able to offer bread mid-week as soon as we have enough orders to fill the oven – 20 loaves.) Feel free to forward this along to any friends or neighbors that may be interested.

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