Harvest for 7/21

Purple, yellow, red, orange. And green. All the colors are flowing from our fields to the market these days. (The purple and white striped eggplant, above, is called Rosa Bianca – an heirloom variety that is not only gorgeous but also has fewer seeds, allowing for no bitterness.)

Sometimes the tomatoes are so good, they just have to be eaten like this:

Before the sun was too hot this morning, our littlest one participated in the harvest on my (Janet’s) back. Here’s a terrible photo of that while cutting okra:

And here’s a much better one with the flowers:

This week for market we have  harvested:
Bell Peppers (purple and green), Rosa Bianca Eggplant,  Black Beauty Eggplant, Jalapeno peppers,  Malabar Spinach (a delicious stand-in for real spinach during this hot part of the summer – pictured below, growing on the purple vine!), Okra, Onions, Perpetual Spinach, Potatoes, Salad Mix, Summer Squash, Tomatoes…
…plus Bread and Bouquets of Flowers.


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