Goings-On, and For Markets 8/25

For now, we’ve kept the cucumber beetles slightly at bay.

Only slightly, but we have some fruits, and some strategies we’ve thought of to try next year. (Doesn’t that just build the suspense for Squash Season 2013??)

Carrot seeds are back under the burlap for germination.


Peppers continue their bumper-crop status, while eggplants have slowed enough to make us really appreciate them again. 🙂


Green Bean time.

Nap time.

Drying food for winter soups… 


and heat… 


Enjoying flowers, and signs that the sun is not too hot in the sky:


For market we have harvested:

Bell Peppers (purple and green), Rosa Bianca Eggplant,  Black Beauty Eggplant, Green Beans, Jalapeno peppers,  Malabar Spinach, Okra, Onions, Salad Mix, Summer Squash, Heirloom, Hybrid, and Cherry Tomatoes…and Bread, Eggs and Bouquets of Flowers.

Top recipe suggestion: Summer Squash Fries

Enjoy ~


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