Transfixed by Fall, for mkts 11/3

And just like that, Autumn begins. At least that’s how it feels here. As in real fall – where the mornings are chilly and the fire is toasty, but there is not yet a frost.  (Though that will soon change – we are preparing for our first frost to happen this weekend!) And the plants! The plants are just gorgeous.

 (a new red turnip we’re growing)

Here – at the start of cool weather, squash soup seems new and inviting. Turnips are refreshing again. And we’re tempted to eat our greens in chip-format instead of raw salads.

(crazy looking Kohlrabi will be ready soon)

Cool-season crops are still going in the ground, with more space opening up for them as summer-loving plants are pulled up and toted to the compost pile. Okra plants are gone.

These tired-looking flowers (shown to provide transparent honesty) will be pulled up in a couple of days. We will miss them, but we embrace the change of seasons around here. (Remember when tomatoes were new this season and so cherished?) Summer gets so very hot and dry, that this time of year is quite lovely for us – plants perk up, subtle flowers bloom, and I’m transfixed by the beauty in the leaves of greens.


Garlic is set to go in the ground in the next few days. Turmeric needs to be harvested before the frost. There is sure to be a rush to get all the green tomatoes off the vines and tucked into a greenhouse tomorrow. (This is the season to fry them – we welcome the chance to heat up the kitchen these days.)

Hurricane Sandy’s visit was blessedly uneventful. We were enormously grateful to have only a bit of rain and wind blow through here, with no damage to plants and the greenhouse plastic still intact.

Brandermill market has closed for the season (but we’re taking orders for delivery to market square – see below) but the South of the James market and the new Urban Farmhouse at the Millworks market will go through the first weekend in December. We hope you’ll stop by to see us. This weekend, we’ll be peeking out at you from behind a mountain of greens. (Yum.)

** Brandermill customers: You may place an order via email to BroadforkFarm@yahoo.com by 3 pm on Friday and we will deliver your order Saturday morning to Good Health Herbs in Market Square. The shop opens at 9 am and you can leave your payment (cash or check) in the envelope provided.

This week’s harvest includes:

Arugula ($4), Beets ($3), Basil ($2), Parsley ($2), Broccoli ($2), Head Lettuce ($3), Salad Mix ($3), Bunched Greens (Kale, Chard, Senposai, Tokyo Bekana, or Collards, $3), Hearty Greens Mix (bagged baby greens, $3), Spinach ($4),Turnips ($3)…and Eggs, Bread, and Bouquets of Flowers.

Enjoy ~

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