Deliveries for 11/14

Available to order for pick up at Good Health Herbs (Market Square, Brandermill) Wednesday, Nov 14th, between 2-5 pm:
Arugula ($4), Beets ($4), Bell Peppers (green or purple – 3 for $1), Broccoli ($2), Broccoli Raab ($3 bunch), Napa Cabbage ($2), Bunched Greens (Kale, Chard, Senposai/Collards, or Tokyo Bekana, $3), Head Lettuce ($2), Hearty Greens Mix (bagged baby greens, $3), Parsley ($2), Radishes (Cherry Belle or French Breakfast – $3 bunch), Salad Mix ($3), Scallions ($3), Spinach ($4), Turnips (white or pink – $3 bunch), and Eggs ($4).
Email us your order at BroadforkFarm@yahoo.com by 9:00 am on Wednesday and we’ll drop it off. Please leave payment (cash or check) in the envelope provided at the store.
Enjoy ~
 (Broccoli harvest!)

2 thoughts on “Deliveries for 11/14

  1. We would like to order the following:

    2 bunches of radishs-Cherry Belle $6.00 2 bags Salad Mix $6.00 1 Napa cabbage $2.00 2 bunches Turnips $6.00 1 bunch Beets $4.00 3 Green Bell Peppers $1.00 1 Arugula $4.00

    Total $29.00

    Thank You,

    Bob French

  2. Good evening. We picked up our order this afternoon, placed the money in the envelope and left the store. When we arrived home we found that we did not have the Napa Cabbage in the bag with the rest of the order. What is the procedure for this?


    Bob French

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