Gratitude, for mkts 11/10

Flashy stuff first:

Readers: meet Turmeric.

Turmeric: meet Readers.

We just dug this up out of the soil this week. In a word, it is gorgeous. In more words, it is medicinal, delicious, anti-inflammatory, and versatile. Truly, it’s Baby Turmeric. We ordered it in the spring because of knowing how powerful it is as a medicinal. But we didn’t really know how it would look, feel, and taste. To see the result is quite cool. A farmers delight – to dig up a neat, new thing from under the earth. We hope you’ll be brave enough to try some. Here are recipes for juice and tea, pickled turmeric, various Indian dishes, and baby food!

Now, down to the basics, and gratitude.

Not to get too personal, but a major component of our family’s faith is practicing gratitude. We are approaching the season in which gratitude is a common talking point, but we work really hard to make this a part of every week. Luckily, in this business, it is pretty easy to remember to be grateful. Surrounded by incredibly delicious, beautiful, healthy plants, our dinner table is full and fabulous.

We know good food. We plant it. We care for it.

We harvest it.

We bring it to you. We love our work.

(Our 5 year old, Sylvie, really loves pioneers. So she dresses like one. While putting row cover over lettuces.)

Our year is starting to slow down a bit. There are still thousands of plants to get in the ground, but it is slower. More time is spent tending the fireplace. Less time putting vegetables in jars and in the freezer. Soon we’ll start dipping into the preserved goods. The last of the tomatoes are inside – and cherished.

But thoughts are on next year as well. Garlic bulbs bought for seed have been split up, by large hands and small.

Then into the ground they go for winter. See you next summer!

There they will rest, hunkered down, those garlic cloves. In the meantime, there’s still plenty of vegetables leaving the fields. Thankfully.

Harvest this week includes

Arugula ($4), Beets ($3), Bell Peppers (green or purple – 2 for $1), Broccoli ($2), Broccoli Raab ($3 bunch), Napa Cabbage ($2), Eggplant ($2), Bunched Greens (Kale, Chard, Senposai/Collards, or Tokyo Bekana, $3),Head Lettuce ($2), Hearty Greens Mix (bagged baby greens, $3),  Parsley ($2), Salad Mix ($3), Scallions ($3), Spinach ($4), Tomatoes (green – $2/lb), Baby Turmeric ($5 chunk), Turnips ($3), and Eggs ($4).

Brandermill customers: You may place an order via email to BroadforkFarm@yahoo.com by 3 pm on Friday and we will deliver your order Saturday morning to Good Health Herbs in Market Square. The shop is open from 9-12 and you can leave your payment (cash or check) in the envelope provided.

Enjoy ~

One thought on “Gratitude, for mkts 11/10

  1. those of us who have enjoyed the fruits of your labor and your friendly and smiling faces would also like to say thanks wade and alicia

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