Orders for 1/9

Before the harvest list, a heartfelt thank you for all of the “Thank You!” notes and emails we have received. Our sixteen-year-old selves would have been quite disbelieving that in our mid-(to upper)-thirties we would be so thrilled with emails gushing over how great our lettuce is. Thanks to you all that have taken the time to express your appreciation. Keep it coming. We blush a little, but also love basking in appreciated glory.

Keep lightening it up during this post-holiday/new year time. Until the plants in the new greenhouse are ready, we continue to have to offer:

Bag o’ Dark Greens (Farmers’ Choice of collards, chard, kale and/or Hon Tsai Tai – $3), Heads of lettuce* (red leaf or green bibb, please specify – $2 ea, 3 for $5), Big Bag of Juicing Greens ($5)…and our own Pepper Jelly (mild, medium, or hot – $5)

* Note: The heads of lettuce available now are a bit smaller than what we’ve been selling at this special price for the past two weeks. So – price special is over, and with these heads being a bit smaller, the pricing is more of an appropriate price. (So you know your options: Non-local and not fresh heads of lettuce at a mainstream grocer are $2 each. Non-local but more fresh-looking heads of lettuce at a locally-owned natural market right now are $3.29 each.) This note is just fyi and so you aren’t surprised at the slight difference. It’s still the best salad around!

(Please pardon this email not arriving on Monday like usual. Our household was set back by a feverish mama for a couple of days. Not contagious – Mastitis. An affliction of a mother of a baby. But alas, no bread for tomorrow. We’ll be back on track for the weekend.)

** We are currently accepting applications for apprentices for the 2013 season.

Enjoy ~

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