CSA Details; What We Are Up To; Orders for 1/12

First off, CSA details for 2013 are now explained on our website. Follow that link and let us know if you have any questions. One important part of it that you need to know: Starting on Wednesday, February 13th, we will no longer accept payment for orders at the pick up locations. In order to place an order for pick up, you will need to have placed a balance of money on an account with us, for you to debit from at your will. This is part of our Market Share CSA program (explained on CSA page) and you can mail or drop off a check for $100, $300, or $600 dollars to then spend throughout the season. (There are bonuses for the $300 and $600 levels.) This means you no longer have to worry about having cash or exact change or writing a check every week when you pick up your veggies. Yippee! We think this will make it easier for you as customers, easier on Renee, the owner of Good Health Herbs, and make the pick-up process as smooth as possible.

These days we are:

:: planting, planting, planting in the new greenhouse (cilantro, leeks, beets, turnips, chard, lettuce…)


:: recovering from mastitis (more than one of our farmer friends have asked me if I’ve called a vet. We’re more accustomed to hearing about this happening on dairy farms. Sigh.)


:: wishing we were in D.C. today for the demonstration in support of the farmers suing Monsanto


:: taking inventory of our good seeds and ordering new ones for this season (new flowers! new eggplant and cuke varieties! fennel! such promise in it all!!)

:: sort of loving this 60-plus-degree days and the way it treats the salad that we love, but still crossing our fingers for a good-hard-cold end of January and all of February


:: enjoying a lot of food out of our chest freezer and loving that we can indulge in the fruits of summer here in January (see recipe below)

:: being enormously thankful for all of you customers who, like us, also cherish local, organic food. Thank you! We love growing it for you. (And look at this cool texture on the back of a Hon Tsai Tai leaf. Just gorgeous.)


This week’s harvest includes:

Bag o’ Dark Greens (Farmers’ Choice of collards, chard, kale and/or Hon Tsai Tai – $3), Heads of lettuce (red or green, please specify – $2 ea, 3 for $5), Big Bag of Juicing Greens ($5)…and our own Pepper Jelly (mild, medium, or hot – $5), and Multigrain Bread ($7).

Recipe suggestion: If you’re fortunate enough to have canned tomatoes and roasted peppers from last season, serve up our salad, cooked greens, bread, and Tomato Casserole with Polenta. (It calls for meat – sub vegetable protein if you prefer. I added our roasted peppers and used corn meal Virginia-grown and ground by Pungo Creek. It was delicious!) 

If you would like to place an order, please email your list of desired items and pick up location to BroadforkFarm@yahoo.com

Delivery Options and Order Deadlines:

Pick up at our farm after 9 am Saturday: Orders due by noon Friday. Pick up your bagged order in the green shed/walk in cooler beside the house. Leave your payment (exact change or check) on the shelf in the tray labelled “Payment.”

Pick up at Good Health Herbs, Saturday 9-12:30 pm: Orders due by noon Friday. Leave your exact change or check in the envelope at the store.

Pick up at First Unitarian Universalist Church of Richmond (beside Byrd Park), Sunday 9-11 am: Orders due by noon Saturday. Pick up just inside the door facing Douglasdale Road. Janet will be there with your goods, plus a smile! Pay with cash or check.

** We are currently accepting applications for apprentices for the 2013 season.

Enjoy ~

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