Orders for 1/23

Get your tights out, dear readers: The cold is a coming. With the forecast, we cut all the salad and arugula that we could today, for your dining pleasure on Wednesday evening. The availability of dark greens and juicing greens will be weather dependent – please order if you desire them, and we will do the best we can to cut them Wednesday if they are frozen! (Temps look like they will warm up for cutting on Friday for Saturday orders.)

Available to order for delivery to Good Health Herbs (Market Square, Brandermill) Wednesday, Jan 2nd (2013!), between 2-5 pm:

Arugula ($4 bag), Bag o’ Dark Greens – Farmers’ Choice ($3), Juicing Greens ($5 large bag), Salad Mix ($3 bag), Turnips ($3 bunch)…and our own Pepper Jelly (mild, medium, or hot, $5), or Multigrain Bread ($7). 


Email us your order at BroadforkFarm@yahoo.com by 8:00 am on Wednesday and we’ll drop it off at Good Health Herbs. Please leave payment (exact change or check) in the envelope provided at the store.

** CSA details for 2013 are now explained on our website. (Though the start of online sign up is delayed due to the software we are using. Soon, my friends, it will be live! Thanks for your patience.)

** We are currently accepting applications for apprentices for the 2013 season.

Enjoy ~

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