Open for Orders for 3/20

Featured new item of the week: Garlic Scallions! 

They are indeed what they sound like – scallions (like you are familiar with) but garlic. Actually grown from garlic cloves last fall that were deemed too small to grow for bulbs, we put these in the ground to grow for scallions. They are tasty. Try them! Use in place of scallions or garlic in any recipe, or…

Recipe Suggestions:  Sauteed Cabbage with Scallions    Garlic Scallion Noodles.   (just use garlic scallions instead of regular scallions plus garlic, as they recipes state)

Our harvest available to order for pick up on Wednesday, March 20th:

Bag o’ Dark Greens (Farmers’ Choice), Baby Kale, Cilantro, Eggs, Garlic Scallions, Hearty Mix, Red Head Lettuce, Salad Mix, Spinach…plus Multigrain Bread, and Pepper Jelly (mild, medium, and hot). 

Order your selection through our Online Store!


– Enter our store here. (If you want to set/reset your password, click on ‘set password.’)

– For complete details on how our sign-up and order system works, see the Feb 18th newsletter.

Enjoy ~

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