Specials on Vegetables this Week

Our biggest harvest of the entire season happened last week! (Wonderful abundance of vegetables!) This was followed by a rainy weekend that meant only the most determined of shoppers visited the farmers markets. So – we have some specials available this week. Read on for details.


SALAD MIX – Big bags (12 ounces) available for purchase here on our farm all day Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Someone is here most daylight hours – feel free to email an order or just show up. (Directions found here.) Our regular bags of salad are on special 2 bags for $5.


“SPREAD the LOVE” of Salad Mix Special – Do you have friends, neighbors, or co-workers that you have wanted to tell how great our salad is? With your purchase of 2 bags of salad (2 bags for $5), we’ll give you 6 bags of salad mix free for you to spread around to those you would like to introduce to our salad. (Again, email or just show up here Monday through Wednesday to make a purchase.)

Market Share CSA Members: These options are also available in our online store.

– OR –

for any Market Share CSA Members who pick up vegetables on the farm Monday through Wednesday, we’ll add a $5 credit to your balance.

Other Specials, in the online store for CSA members or available for anyone to swing by our farm and purchase here:

Tomatoes: 5 pounds or more are just $2 per pound.

Micro-greens: 2 bags for $7.

Bell Peppers: 5 pounds or more are just $2 per pound.

(Roast and freeze them. Make pepper jelly. Or just cut, blanche, and freeze them.)

Arugula: 2 bags for $5.

(Make Arugula pesto and freeze it.)

Wax Peppers: 5 pounds or more are just $2 per pound.

(Make pickled peppers to use all winter and next spring.)

All of these specials, plus other produce, are available to everyone for on-farm purchase today through Wednesday, and for online ordering for Market Share CSA members.

Regular produce available now: Hearty Mix, collards, raab, bok choi, turnips, frisee, chinese cabbage, romaine lettuce, etc.        (Items which we have fewer of are available to Market Share CSA Members only: spinach, green beans, eggplant, etc.)

Thanks for enjoying our produce! Call if you have questions or want to tell us you are on your way here: 804-337-6540

(Wonder why our harvest was so abundant? A few things: Tomatoes just went bananas after all that recent heat – we just picked more than any other week of the season. Salad mix and other items had been a bit stunted by that hot, dry spell we had. Then they grew like crazy as soon as this rain started last week. Plus, the fall in general for us is much more abundant than the hot summer. All of these factors led to a lot of vegetables to pick!)

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