Vegetables @ Market Tomorrow! …2.3.2018

We keep putting the plants to bed like this to protect them from the cold:

This feels really repetitive…because it looks almost exactly like the photo in our newsletter three weeks ago. Geez, winter!! Give us some color and diversity!

Well, the color and diversity is under the row cover and has been harvested. We will enthusiastically bring it to market for you tomorrow, Saturday. We’ll have Salad / Spinach / Arugula / Kale / and a few Microgreens. We’ll also bring our freshly baked, organic, naturally leavened Bread. Delicious! 

We’ll see you tomorrow at Farmers Market @ St. Stephens in the West End of Richmond.

To get the best of our harvest each week for the majority of 2018, join our Farm Share CSA! Details and Sign Up are found here. Join us for our weekly Farm Shares of vegetables to get the best selection each week for seven months, May through November. No need to remember to order each week, nor rush to get to the farmers’ market early!
– Janet & Dan, & the whole Broadfork crew

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