What the Heck is “CSA Day?”…plus mkt 2.23.19

{This post was scheduled to appear Friday, Feb 22, but we just learned it didn’t post. Here it is, belated. We’ll see you at market again this Saturday, March 2!}
We are so sad about this much rain we can’t even talk about it. So instead, we’re going to look ahead at the season! (And stay in the greenhouse, where it’s not raining.) 
In the world of farming and social media, “CSA Day” is a hot topic today. What is this? Why does it exist? Here’s the scoop: Many farms have sign up for their Farm Share/CSA Share open all winter, but often it’s only the uber-tuned-in community members that sign up during the previous fall, or the depths of winter. Many people start to think about their spring/summer veggies when the darkness of winter starts to ebb. (Understandably!)

We farmers have some nice allies out there. In addition to the community members that support our farm by eating the food we grow, there’s a whole slew of supporting cast members that make our business possible. (Organic fertilizer manufacturers and distributors….tractor repair businesses…certifying entities…sticker printers…conference organizers and presenters…and on and on and on.) The tech side of making our farm run is powered by a small company in Pittsburgh, PA who makes software for farmers. We’ve used their software for seven years, and they also coordinate marketing for farms like ours on a broad/national/international scale. They organized the hype around CSA Day a few years ago after researching that the last Friday in February is statistically the most popular day for signing up for a share.

We’re now using the software by the company above, called Harvie, and we’ve begun using the term “Farm Share” instead of CSA. It’s just more clear. You sign up for a share of our farm’s harvest! The software allows you to choose what you want from our harvest. Perfect! We don’t like guessing whether you like Arugula or Cilantro. We are able to stay in business because we know in advance that a certain portion of our anticipated harvest is spoken for. You’re able to choose what you want most, and how much!

We help you along the way, providing recipe suggestions and tips for enjoying the food that we grow. See the ways we love to enjoy Sugar Snap Pea Shoots (pictured above) here on Instagram today. When you are part of our Farm Share, recipes and tips arrive by email, along with your share options for the week.

Thanks to everyone who joined our Farm Share recently! It’s wonderful to have a slew of new members!

If you haven’t yet joined…Ready to join our Farm Share for 2019?
Farm Shares are available for our main season which runs May through November. Read details here and please sign up via that link to join our farm! We are offering a new  *customizable* Farm Share through the new software called Harvie. Choose what you prefer from our harvest for weekly or bi-weekly shares!

Our harvest this week includes: 
Carrots, Dill, Microgreens, Parsley, Salad, Scallions (just a few), Spinach, Sugar Snap Pea Shoots…and our Organic Hearth Baked Bread (Baguettes, Herb, Whole Rye, Raisin, & Seed loaves for this weekend).
(Our oldest child’s Cuts & Bruises Salve is currently sold out, but she has more oil infusing and it will be ready to make into salve next week.)

{Our farmstand is open with most of the above items…see here for updated inventory}

Everything remaining after member shares are filled and our farm stand is shopped (plus the bread we bake Saturday morning)… we’ll bring on Saturday to the Farmer’s Market @ St. Stephen’s. Also keep an eye on what we have available via Richmond’s only online farmers’ market: FallLineFarms.com.

Enjoy ~

Janet, Dan, & the whole Broadfork crew
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