Open for Orders for Delivery 2/27


Harvest (and baking) this week includes:

Kale, Cilantro, Eggs, Naturally-Leavened Hearth-Baked Multigrain Bread, and Pepper Jelly.

Order your selection through our Online Store!


– Enter our store here. (If you want to reset your password, click on ‘forgotten password.’)

– For complete details on how our sign up and order system works, see the Feb 18th newsletter.

– CSA Sign Up for this season remains open! Learn more here.

– We are still accepting applications for interns for 2013. Details here.

– We will be at Robious Middle School on Tuesday, Feb 26 (tomorrow!) for their Health Fair. Stop by and say hi!

– We are teaching a section on Soils & Compost on Thursday Feb 28 at the U of R. Details here.

Enjoy ~

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