DC Visit; Orders for 3/9 & 3/10

It’s fun to mosey off the farm every once in a while and head to a land so very, very different than here…especially when that place is where decisions are made that directly effect our farm.


Earlier this week the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition hosted a Farmer Fly In, facilitating meetings with our congressional representatives in order to help educate their offices about how certain aspects of the Farm Bill influence our country’s small, organic farms. (Pictured above are some of our VA farming colleagues, making a short film about our experience this week.)

It was a grand time, I’m optimistic about our senators and representatives’ support of these policies, and we successfully navigated the metro with a baby. 374

Now back to the actual source of our vegetables. This week’s harvest includes:

Baby Turnip Greens, Baby Kale, Cilantro, Eggs, Hearty Mix, Mustard…Multigrain Bread, and Pepper Jelly (mild, medium, hot). 

(Being still winter, quantities available are small compared to spring, summer, and fall. Thanks for your amazing support, love of these veggies, and patience as things warm up!)

Order your selection through our Online Store!


– Enter our store here. (If you want to reset your password, click on ‘set password.’)

– For complete details on how our sign up and order system works, see the Feb 18th newsletter.

– CSA Sign Up for this season remains open! Learn more here.

– We are still accepting applications for interns for 2013. Details here.

Enjoy ~


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