We love Vegetables, Bread, & CSA…plus mkt 3.4.2017

Photographs today by a 9 year old child or Janet. The above photo shows that our orchard is beautiful and our bees are active, but we do not have the photography smarts to get the bee in focus.
web tunnel.png
A wise market manager just said to us: “Enjoying the weather! Concerned for the climate.” Ditto.
This weather is ideal for starting seeds, which we are doing in great abundance right now, but so far away from normal that our physical comfort is tempered with worry. Many people have been asking what this means for vegetables this spring: It means we may have more to harvest than usual during the above-average temps, late-winter weeks, but if the temps continue to be this high above average through the spring, it means cool-loving spring crops won’t grow well. Broccoli won’t head up. Kale will want to flower early. Stay tuned to see what Mother Nature, influenced by our activities, doles out.
Bread and vegetables are rolling out of here in good quantities this weekend. Catch all of our goods at the Farmers Market @ St. Stephens Saturday morning, 9-12, and find our greens at Union Market this weekend.
Want the best access to our vegetables, all season long? Grab one of the remaining shares of our harvest through our CSA. Join here!

We’re celebrating our CSA members by drawing names for gift cards to some of our favorite partner businesses. Our most recent winner, of a gift card to Perk! Coffee & Lunchbox in Bon Air, has been contacted. All members who have signed up by March 15 will be entered to win a gift card to Good Health Herbs in Brandermill/Midlothian. Sign up today and you’ll get to relish being part of the Broadfork Farm family.
Here’s a sample weekly share to feast upon with your eyes:
2016-11-04 farm share week 26.jpg

Before we get to the harvest/baking list for the week, we have some “big” news from our 9 year old child: The Broadfork Farm YouTube channel has been launched, featuring a growing collection of videos of how to make some of our (or…at least our children’s) favorite recipes. (Plus a random video of recent photos from the farm.) In her own words: “Here are some great recipes for every one who likes to cook!! I made this channel to inspire people to cook more. I love to cook so so much and it makes me feel so good to teach other people how to cook. I hope this channel is helpful to you guys! Please subscribe to my channel!!” There you have it. She reminded us about 25 times this week to include this news in the weekly newsletter, and she invested $5 in a tripod to hold her camera. Her recipes are, of course, seasonal, so if you need some inspiration, take a look. And remember she is only 9. 🙂

This week’s harvest (and baking) includes: 
Chervil, Microgreens, Salad Mix, Scallions, Spinach, Parsley, Pea Shoots, Pepper Jelly…and our Organic Hearth Baked Bread (Whole Wheat, Sunny Greens, Seed, & Raisin loaves for this weekend) PLUS new this week: You can purchase Certified Organic flour that we have freshly stone-ground in our Bakery. Whole Wheat & Whole Rye available, with a delicious recipe included with each purchase.
{Our farmstand is open Thursday & Friday with most of the above items…see here for updated inventory}

2017 Market Share CSA Members: Reserve your selection online to pick up Saturday, March 5th at our farm, at Good Health Herbs, or at the Farmers Market @ St. Stephens.

Anything remaining as of Saturday morning, plus the bread we will bake, we’ll bring to the Farmer’s Market @ St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church in the West End of Richmond
{Indoors through March, Saturdays, 9-12.}

Enjoy ~
Janet, Dan, & the whole Broadfork crew
Want to follow along during the week, including Farm Stand updates? Visit us on Facebook or Instagram. 

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